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Product Overview

High speed complete automatic plastic bottle mineral water plant price
CGF series 3 in 1 Unit water bottling line is a kind of professional filling machine integrator for no-gassy beverage. Water bottling machine is multi-functional which can be used for washing, filling and capping.  Water bottling machine is a kind of advanced filling machine integrator which is innovated in following the process requirements of filling Pure water, Mineral water, wine and etc based on the importing and assimilating the foreign advanced technology.

automatic plastic bottle mineral water plant flow chart is like following :
1. Water treatment system :
Raw water tank Pump→ Sand filter → Active carbon filter→ sodium ion ex-changer→ precision filter →Reverse osmosis →Ozone generator → water tank→ UV sterilizer → Pump

2. Blowing -filling -labeling -packing:
Bottle blowing machine →CGF 3-IN-1 filling capping machine (Mono-block)→Conveyor →Lamp checker →labeling machine →bottle drying machine→ Laser code printing machine→ PE film packing shrinking machine →Stock


1.The air conveyor belt can have big air filter
2.It has cap elevator
3.It has cap cleaning tunnel also .
4.The driving system ,it is by using motor together with gear
5.The rinsing part ,it will have waste water collecting tank together .

Rinsing part
Filling part
capping part


CGF 40-4010
Filling  capacity
15000-18000 bottles per hour 
Machine weight 
3500 kgs
Working power 
Machine size 
Gas pressure
0.6 Mpa
water pressure of washing bottle(Mpa) 

Driving system for rinsing filling capping machine 
1.By using motor with gear to drive the machine working
2. Not use the old model : belt
3.The shelf time can be longer comparing to using belt

Waste water collecting tank together with rinsing machine 
It is used for rinsing part ,the waste water after the rinsing machine can be collected and re-use .
Inside has floating ball
Once waste water is full ,it will be taken out into the water filters again ,and re-use .

Touch screen
1. We use high quality :Siemens brand
2. Inside the language ,it can be in English and Chinese ,both choices inside
3.The touch screen ,we can make it along the filling machine frame or we can make one separate electricity cabinet .

Other machines, such as bottle labeling machine ,bottle packing machine ,bottle blowing machine ,please check the following photos:

PVC sleeve shrinking labeling machine
Hot melt glue labeling machine

L-type PE film shrink packing machine for middle speed
Wrapping machine for high filling speed

Full automatic PET preform blowing strength machine
Semi-automatic blowing machine for low speed

Successful Project

Project in Bhutan
Project Congo
Project in Nigeria

Customer Photos


Pre-sales service &After sales service

Pre-sale Service
1.We welcome you to visit us, and we can go to pick you up at shanghai Pudong international airport by car.
2.We have professional English sales persons who can make the complete quotation for you, and can guide you how to choose the machines, (such as how to choose labeling machine, how to choose packing machine, how to choose blowing machine, how to design PVC labels from Zhangjiagang JST Machinery, how to calculate PE packaging films, how to arrange your workshop layout and so on).

After-sales Service
1.We will send operation book, electricity drawing by email to you .
2.For all of our machines, the warranty time is: 24 months since delivery.
3.Once machine arrives to your country, we will guide you to prepare the electricity, welding machine, and raw material. At the same time, we will begin to make the visa for our engineers.(Zhangjiagang JST Machinery)
4.Usually for complete filling line, it will take engineer 15 -20days at least to install in your country . For single machine,
usually it will take him 7-10 days to install in your city. Please check the following installation photos by our engineer:


Q1:Does water ,juice ,beer ,carbonated drink use the same filling machine ?
Answer :when fill the juice, hot filling is common ,and juice mixing system should use UHT sterizer in order to get high
temperature juice .(If you need room temperature filling for juice ,it is also also ,the difference for the mixing system is only
the UHT process .).
For water ,gravity filling is common , for carbonated drink it belongs to isobaric pressure filling.

Q2: How does client to choose the filling speed ?
Answer : The filling speed ,JST Machinery have one linear type ,for 500ml , filling speed can be 1000-1500 bottles per hour .If you need higher filling speed , then three in one is common ,it can be 3000 bph,5000bph,8000bph,12000bph,16000bph,20000bph and so on.

Q3: How can I choose the labeling machine ?
Answer :Usualy for water ,PVC shrink sleeve label or hot melt label is common.Hot melt labeling machine is expensive ,but the hot melt label is the cheapest considering for long time use .

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