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Products Description

We trying to provide unique taste by make most of the abundant local products of Nagano.

* Kodawari Umeshu

Product Name
Japanese Plum Wine (Kodawari Umeshu)
Place of Origin

* Taste : Refreshing flavor with low alcohol plum flavor
* Plum : 100% local Ume called Ryukyou plum
* Recommend for Drinking : On the rock or Straight

Company Profile

Kikusui Shuzo Co.,Ltd

Brew with abundant local products of Nagano

We manufactures sake that is particular about ingredients. Not only "Miyamanishiki" rice which represent Nagano and suitable for sake, in addtion, we have revived "Tananenishiki" which is very rare rice suitable for sake and we spend great effort for brewing.
The other hand, water used is the underground water form the Central Alps and we stick to those suitable rice. Also, we make use of the wild nature of the severe coldness and make the most of the traditional tecnology to berwer our Kikusui Sake. Not only sake but we also brewer Shochu, Plum wine, liqour with the aboundant local product of Nagano trying to provide unique taste.

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