Буровая установка для шахты dth, буровая установка для продажи

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Product Description


Committed to the needs of green mining, Hengwang Machinery developed this model of low cost high performance, eco-friendly, safe, compact & high efficiency separated DTH drill rig, widely used in various surface mines, quarries & construction work sites, etc.

This model is the new generation of Henwgang Classic product series. With the collective advantages of various different models, this machine with hole range of 110 - 138 mm and new enclosure design, and oscillation, HW452product series has excellent stability and outstanding appearance in the same class of products.


Main technical specifications
Yuchai YC6A260L191 kW
Hole Depth
20 m
Drill Pipe Sizes
76 X 3,000 mm
Hole Dia
110-138 mm
DTH Hammer
Rotation Torque ( Max.)
2,500 N.m
Rotation Speed
0-100 rpm
Working Pressure
17 bar
16 m3/min
Tramming Speed ( Max.)
3 km/h (High Speed)
2 km/h (Low Speed)
Track Frame Oscilation
Total Weight
11,300 kg
Transportation Dimensions
7,567X2,500X2,900 mm
Dry Dust Collector
Dual Speed Walking Motor

Products Details

HW452 Integrated DTH Surface Drill Rig

* 1.Equipped with Yuchai YC6A260L-T20 power pack 16 /17 Air compressor hole size。90 一 138 mm and with dry dust collector.

* 2.HW452 Integrated DTH Surface drill rig with single power pack (only one diesel engine) to drive both screw air compressor and hydraulic system, compared with separated drill rigs, the fuel consumption reduced by 35% and maintenance cost down by 50%..

* 3.With global famous brand key hydraulic components, reliable for low maintenance cost.

* 4.Powerful two-speed hydraulic tramming mechanism with excellent off-road performance .Bigger and stronger designed rotation unit for smooth high torque output and less drill tool jamming.

* 5.Two stage dry dust collector for friendly environment and higher production efficiency. Integrated design (air compressor on board ) for better long-distance fleet management.

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