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Polyester mesh Laid Scrims for reinforced PVC tarpaulin

Brief Introduction

Scrim is a cost-effective reinforcing fabric made from continuous filament yarn in an open mesh construction. The laid scrim manufacturing process chemically bonds non-woven yarns together, enhancing the scrim with unique characteristics.


Ruifiber makes special scrims to order for specific usages and applications. These chemically bonded scrims permit our customers to reinforce their products in a very economical manner. They are designed to satisfy our customers' requests, and to be highly compatible with their process and product.





  • Dimensional stabilitylaid srim

  •  Tensile strength

  •   Alkali resistance

  •   Tear resistance

  •   Fire resistance

  •   Anti-microbial properties

  •   Water resistance

Data Sheet


Item No.ZZ001GZZ025GZZ078GZZ011G
Mesh Size12.5 x 12.5mm10 x 10mm6.25 x 6.25mm5 x 5mm



The regular supply of non-woven reinforcement and laminated scrim is 12.5x12.5mm,10x10mm,6.25x6.25mm, 5x5mm,12.5x6.25mm etc. The regular supply grams are 6.5g, 8g, 13g, 15.5g, etc.

With high strength and light weight, it can be fully bonded with almost any material and each roll length can be 10,000 meters.


a) Aluminum Foil Composite


Nove-woven laid scrim is widely applied in aluminium foil industry. It can help manufacture to develop the production efficiency as the roll length can reach 10000m. It also makes the finished product with better apperance.





b) PVC Flooring

PVCPVC Flooring is mainly made of PVC,also other necessary chemical material during manufacture. It is produced by calendering,extrusion progress or other manufacture progress, it is devided into PVC Sheet Floor and PVC Roller Floor. Now all major domestic and foreign manufactures are applying it as the reinforcement layer to avoiding the joint or bulge between pieces, which is caused by the heat expansion and contraction of materials.


c) None-woven catagory products reinforced



None-woven laid scrim is widely used as reinforced materail on kinds none-woven fabric, such as fiberglass tissue, polyester mat, wipes, also some top ends, such as medical paper. It can makes none-woven products with higher tensile strength,while just add very little unit weight.


d) PVC Tarpaulin

Laid scrim can be used as basic materials to produce truck cover,light awning, banner, sail cloth etc.

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About Company

Shanghai Ruifiber Industry Co., Ltd. Is specializing in the production of glass fiber and its related products, Metals & construction materials.

The company's sales department located in the Baoshan district, Shanghai city. It only 41.7km away from Shanghai PU dong international airport and about 10km away from Shanghai train station.

The company's main manufacturing bases in Jiangsu and Shandong province, China.

In 2017, we have imported the Germany machine and become the first Chinese manufacturer for Nov-woven Reinforcement and Laminated Scrim.

The main products have passed the International quality inspection by SGS, BV etc.

Our products meet the demand of the International market, the main markets are the USA, Canada, South America, the Middle East, India and China etc.

Shanghai Ruifiber Industry Co., Ltd. Constantly improve production management and sales level, and strive to become "first-class domestic, world-renowned" fiberglass manufacturing and distributor.

Warmly welcome domestic and foreign customers to contact with us! 


Main Products

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Contact us



Max Li


T: 0086-21-5665 9615

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M: 0086-130 6172 1501

W: www.ruifiber.com;www.rfiber-laidscrim.com

Room No. 511-512, Building 9, 60# West Hulan Road, Baoshan, 200443 Shanghai, China 

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