Заводской распылитель, сферический магниевый металлический порошок для фейерверков

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Product Description

Magnesium Powder

 By keeping track with market development, we are involved in providing superior quality Magnesium Powder.
Military industry, aerospace industry, metallurgical industry, steel making industry, in the casting of non-ferrous metals, using
magnesium as a desulfurizer, a purifying agent, as a reducing agent in the production of rare metals, as well as the application
of spray, coating and anti-corrosion industries, oil exploitation industry Applications,We could provide different kinds of
Magnesium Metal Powder which according to your requirements.
MG-99.5% min Particle Size: 20 mesh to 240 mesh,-150mesh,-240mesh and so on (or as per customer requirement)
It has the properties of high content of magnesium , spherical rate, bulk density, good fluidity, and small specific surface area.

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\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\tApplication \t\t\t\t\t\t\t

magnesium powder Mg Metal Powder:
1.Welding materials(Welding rod); The content of Al 50%, Mg50% can be applied to welding materials industry.. 2.Fireworks /Sparklers
The aluminum magnesium metal alloy powder burns easiest, producing the heat with sending out the dazzling and white light, this
characteristic is extensive to used for the armament industry, such as manufacturing the flare.
3.Magnesia carbon brick industry;
4.For metallurgy industry it is used to take off oxygen, an additive, purifying, fire-proof material etc.

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Gongyi Yalv Material Co.,Limited

Gongyi Yalv Material Co., Ltd is a production and sales manufacturer with over 100 employees.It is located in Gongyi Science & Technology Industrial Zone.The company is mainly engages in the production of refractory material, abrasives and water treatment materials.Porducts are Reduced Iron Powder, Atomized iron powder, sponge iron, brown fused alumina, white fused alumina,Walnut shell, silicon carbide, boron carbide, Poly aluminium chloride(PAC), Polyacrylamide(PAM),Coconut shell activatedc carbon, Phosphoric acid, Aluminum dihydrogen phosphate,Potassium aluminium fluoride,Sodium hexafluoroaluminate(Cryolite), Aluminium fluoride, Sodium hexametaphosphate, etcThe capacity of the company is more than 200.000 T per year.

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Here are the certifications of quality , company license, customer specified product quality certification. We can provide you with one stop for purchasing, providing service, including logistic, custom clearance, testing, label design and others, and we aims at providing the excellent service, good quality product, and competitive price to make more opportunities for our customer, and fulfill win-win cooperation.

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