Очиститель воздуха Raycono Hepa, дезодорант, гидроксил-генератор, очиститель воздуха H13 Pm10

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❤Welcome To Raycono Manufacturers Direct Sales❤
10 Years Of Air Purifier Production Technology
OEM/ODM Experts

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Products Description

Product name
Hydroxyl air sterilizer
Personal sterilization/Deodorant/Air purification/Clean the surface
Charge port
Germicidal rate
Ozone density(<0.1mg/m3)
240mm x 175mm x 77mm
1 kg
Efficient space
4 - 6 cubic meters

Company Profile

We are a company integrating manufacturing, design and industry, and we can provide customer solutions even with our own brand.Our products own foreign patents with Israel partner as shareholders.Besides designing and integration, we’ve been improving our manufacturing ability since 2008. Customers including massive EU companies and Foxconn.Our product line provides our brand “Raycono”, we can work with our prestigious brand or ODM, or OEM if required.We ship on time, work closely with Alibaba. Our Products supported European and Japanese happy customers with fine quality for a long time.Provide flexible service, customers can negotiate according to needs.

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Why Choose Us

Our products own foreign patents with Israel partner as shareholders

Effectiveness Kill 99% of bacteria,germs and other organic pollutant



Q1: What's the minimum noise for this hydroxyl air purifier?
A1: Low mode noise:≤35dB

Q2: What's the warranty for this air purifier?
A2: 1years

Q3: Can I get samples before ordering?
A3: Samples are provided, but the sample cost and shipping cost are borne by the customer.

Q4: How' s the bactericidal ability?
A4: Strong bactericidal ability, the equivalent of 200 times ozone and 3,000 times ultraviolet.

Q5: Is that safe to use this machine?
A5. With test report approved,The new hydroxyl air sterilizer generates very little ozone (<0.1mg/m3) Just to remain it's oxidization process. With low noise than 35db, it is safe for personnel with sterilizer activated in the same environment.

Q6. Do you have the test report to support your data?
A6: Yes, we have the test report including SGS/ Chinese military test / CE/ROHS/FCC/PSE.

Q7: What is the difference between hydroxyl sterilizers and conventional UV/air purifiers?
A7: Hydroxyl sterilizers create radicals (OH), which is a new technology using Advanced Oxidation Processes (POA), eliminate pathogenic microorganisms and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). Cleanses more than just air passing through the machine body, but all object surface in the effecting environment.

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