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Product Description

Multicolor Ceramsite Color Stone Clay Pottery Soilless Culture Hydroponic Plants Flower Micro Landscape Bonsai pottery
Ceramsite Ball
Color Ceramsite Balls are made from the raw materials of kaolin, feldspar, quartz and color agent through firing in a high temperature.
LECA is a round sphere, solid particles, the shape of different technology and different.Its surface is a hard shell, this shell is ceramic or enamel, washing does not lose color, giving the ceramsite high strength.It has the function of water insulation,environmental protection, water permeability and reusable.


Product Name
Horticulture Clay Balls, Ceramsite, Clay Pebbles, Color Clay Garden Balls

* The ceramsite is rich in color and surrounded by many small pores.
* Green and environmentally friendly materials, no pollution to the environment.
* Ceramsite can increase the life of the plant.

1. Increase air negative ion concentration
2. Increase dissolved oxygen and activate water
3. Micro-clustered water hydrate cells
more effectively
4. Essential minerals maintains optimal health 5. Inhibit microbe breeding

Clay ball is a granular material with a certain porosity formed after high-temperature firing of clay. Compared with non-ten substrates such as coconut bran, vermiculite, rock wool, peat, and sand, it has the following characteristics:

(1) Good water and fertilizer retention performance: The internal pores of the ceramsite are filled with air when there is no moisture. When there is sufficient moisture, some water can be inhaled, and some gas can still be maintained. When the moisture around the root system is insufficient, the moisture in the ceramsite diffuses into the pores between the ceramsite through its surface, for the root system to absorb and maintain the air humidity around the root system.
(2) Moderate fertilizer retention capacity: Like water, ceramsite can also store nutrients and release it to the root system.
(3) Stable chemical properties, no pollution: the ceramsite itself has no peculiar smell, no harmful substances, no breeding of diseases and insect pests, especially suitable for indoor decoration.
(4)Beautiful shape, light weight, and easy to carry.
(5) It can be reused to reduce waste. Before putting on the basin, the ceramsite can be cleaned and classified for later use.

Ceramsite, as the name suggests, is ceramic particles. Most of the appearance features of ceramsite are round or oval spheres,but there are also some imitation crushed stone ceramsites that are not round or elliptical spheres, but are irregularly crushed.

The shape of ceramsite varies depending on the process. Its surface is a hard shell, which is ceramic or enamel, which has the effect of water and gas retention and gives the ceramsite high strength.

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Multicolor Ceramsite Color Stone Clay Pottery Soilless Culture Hydroponic Plants Flower Micro Landscape Bonsai pottery
1.fish tank bottom sand decoration, vase decoration; balcony, terrace, courtyard, bathroom,Swimming pool, pond wall and other laying.Used for orchid cultivation substrate and fixed substrate for soilless circulating water cultivation of flowers
2. It is used to cushion the bottom of pots for general flowers and vegetables, to strengthen substrate ventilation and speed up water seepage, and to prevent hypoxia from rotten roots.
3. Cover the surface of the flowerpot to prevent watering overturning and play a beautiful role in the surface of the pot.
4. Special for soilless cultivation.

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25kg/bag 1000/bag or as customer's request
Within 10-15 days after receiving the prepayment
Multicolor Ceramsite Color Stone Clay Pottery Soilless Culture Hydroponic Plants Flower Micro Landscape Bonsai pottery


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