Корм для рыб с высоким содержанием белка, цветной корм, корм для аквариума, цветочный гудок, корм для рыб

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Product Description

Product introduction
This product is specially prepared for ornamental fish such as high quality flower arhat, pearl arhat and golden horse monkey. Select high-quality fish powder and shrimp powder to ensure the high protein content of the product;Sufficient amounts of astaxanthin, spirulina, and carotene give fish a rounded, graceful shape that works best at the start.Containing polysaccharide immune antibody enzyme and various vitamins, it can enhance the disease resistance of ornamental fish.Add live bacteria enzyme to help digestion, strengthen stomach and intestines, reduce excreta.

High protein Flower horn fish food bulk package high quality

Raw material
Fish meal, shrimp meal、astaxanthin、 corn protein、 spirulina、carotene、 yeast meal、 vitamins、 various minerals、 polysaccharides、immune substances

Crude protein
Crude ash
≤ 8%
≤ 10%


Place of Origin
Shandong China
Brand Name
Net content
Grain diameter
Flower horn
Shelf life
18 moths


Certificate Introduction
Certificate Introduction
Certificate Introduction


Company Introduction

BESSN's main aquatic products and ornamental fish feed.
From the father started to run a factory engaged in fish feed production, fish feed, fish supplies have a special feeling.
BESSN has risen rapidly among aquatic brands by virtue of its advantages in quality and cost. At present, the annual turnover of a single store on taobao in the Chinese market is over 17 million, that of a single store on Tmall is over 10 million, and the offline turnover is over 19 million. BESSN has more than 80 employees, and owns a factory covering 8,000 square meters in binzhou city, shandong province.
Sales channels are mainly offline wholesale, with more mature wholesalers and aquarium retailers in several provinces, and also exported to the United States, Malaysia, Nigeria and other countries, with the rapid development of import and export projects in recent years, the export volume is rising, welcome partners to negotiate business.

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1. Are you a factory or a trading company?
We have our own factory

2. Could you supply some samples?
We can supply samples.

3.Can you provide a free sample?
We can provide free samples, but you have to pay the freight.

4. How many sizes do you have?
We have many specifications, also in bulk.

5. Is there a custom service available?
You can send the pattern you need to customize, we will guarantee the confidentiality, do not disclose your information to provide customized services for you.

6.Can I be your regional distributor?
Yes, we are also looking for dealers in various regions.

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