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Product Description

molybdenum powder

 Molybdenum powder is usually made from ammonium paratromate or calcined MoO3 as raw material and reduced by hydrogen. It is the
raw material for preparing molybdenum deep processed products by powder metallurgy.

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The applicaiton of Molybdenum powder:

-Due to the special properties and application of molybdenum powder rapid development, has been widely used in industrial and
agricultural fields, such as rubber, plastic, papermaking, coating, paint, ink, cable, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, feed, food,
sugar, textiles, glass, ceramics, sanitary products, sealants, adhesives, pesticides and pesticide carriers in addition, flue
sulfur, water treatment and other aspects of environmental protection. The use of light molybdenum powder is different from that
of molybdenum powder. It is mainly used in papermaking, plastics, artificial rubber, food, edible colorants, medicine, adhesives
and sanitary products. In recent years, the use of light molybdenum powder to enhance the performance of some materials has been

-Spraying molybdenum powder is used as the raw material of molybdenum and molybdenum alloy products, such as large molybdenum
slab, molybdenum silicon carbide electric heating element, silicon controlled wafer, molybdenum top and other raw materials. The
spray molybdenum powder is used for surface spraying of automobile gear, piston ring, clutch and other wear-resistant parts, and
it can also be used with other spray welding materials.

-The application of molybdenum powder has developed rapidly. Currently, it has been widely used in industrial and agricultural
fields, such as rubber, plastics, paper, coatings, paints, inks, cables, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, feed, food, sugar,
textiles, glass, ceramics, etc. Sanitary products, sealants, adhesives, insecticides and pesticide carriers, and flue removal
sulfur, water treatment and other environmental aspects. The use of light molybdenum powders overlaps with that of molybdenum
powders. It is mainly used in the fields of papermaking, plastics, artificial rubber, food, edible colorants, medicines,
adhesives, and hygienic products.

-The use of molybdenum powder in the papermaking industry enables the paper to have good brightness, a solid structure, good
writing, uniform coating, low friction, easy moisture removal, and easy drying. Producing paint is another important use of
molybdenum powder. Molybdenum powder is an important filler in paint production. The fineness and particle distribution determine
the transparency of the paint. In addition, the molybdenum powder has good weather resistance, and has important characteristics
such as wear resistance, low electrolyte content, pH stabilizing effect, corrosion resistance, and rheological properties of the
coating. Molybdenum powder is also very important in the water-based paint series. It can improve the quick-drying performance and
is of great significance in road marking.

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