В собранном виде обновленная ATU-100 плюс 100W с открытым исходным кодом коротковолновое автоматический тюнер антенны с металлическим корпусом

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Assembled Upgraded ATU-100 PLUS 100W Open Source Shortwave Automatic Antenna Tuner with Metal Shell 


Product Description



Based on ATU-100 EXT, ATU-100 PLUS has improved in software and hardware, product technology and product performance.

Hardware Upgrade:
1. Shell part
- Sandblasted black aluminum alloy shell, silver metal font panel, to prevent the abrasion of white fonts, and highlight the high-end and exquisite texture of the product
- SL16KF M female connector is firmly connected, 5.5x2.1 DC power socket
- 0.96" blue OLED screen, customized screen connection line, solve screen abnormalities
- A full set of 304 stainless steel fixing screws to prevent rust, higher strength and durability
- The internal connection line of the machine adopts welding process and is wrapped with glued heat shrinkable tube, which is firm and stable
- Screen and button connection line connectors, adding glue dispensing technology, shockproof and stable

2. PCB part
- Solid filter capacitor, safer and more durable
- Imported T68-2 magnetic ring, stable and more reliable
- Brand new MCU to ensure the quality of the heart
- All first-line brand SMD components, more stable performance
- SMT welding is currently the highest process of all ATU versions on the market, pursuing quality assurance
- X2.54 power connector, ELECFISH full set of silver mica capacitors

Software Optimization:
1. Synchronize the latest version 3.1 firmware
2. New configuration interface, eliminating the need for repeated flashing, no need to buy a burner
3. Optimize power measurement calibration algorithm, power measurement is more accurate
4. Configuration interface description
- How to enter: Press and hold TUNE button and turn on the tail power switch at the same time. After OPTIONS is displayed on the screen, release the TUNE button to enter the setting interface.
- Operation mode: Short press TUNE button to change the current value. Long press the TUNE button to switch setting items.
- Description of each option:
• Auto Mode (ON/OFF): Freely control the automatic mode of antenna tuner, and omit the automatic button, making it more convenient to use. If you plan to use the device without additional buttons, you can enable the automatic mode by setting the value to ON. The default value is ON.
• Show Loss (ON/OFF): Freely control the loss calculation display interface, the display is more intuitive. Indicating the power delivered to the antenna and efficiency of fider and transmitter when input power is enough for correct SWR measuring.
• Fider Loss (0.0-9.9): Freely define the loss value of wire, which can calculate antenna efficiency more accurately. This value uses for counting the power delivered to antenna. The loss value can be found in the reference data for the used cable or you can measure the exact value yourself.
• Auto Delta (1.3-3.0): Customize the start value of SWR in automatic mode, autonomously control SWR adjustment range, and have a larger application range. The default value is 1.3. That is, when the automatic mode is activated, the tuning process will be triggered when the SWR is above 1.3 and when it changes to (1.3-1).
• Display On (00s-95s): Customize the time when the screen is automatically turned off, which saves power when you are in standby
Set the time of glow display, in seconds. The backlight is glowing while press any buttons and if RF power comes to input. By default it is disabled, value 00.

- Input voltage range: 10-15V DC
- Maximum working current: 400mA
- Maximum working power: 100W
- Maximum measurement power: 150W
- Auto tuning trigger power: 5W
- Minimum measurement power: 1W
- Power measurement error: 20%
- Maximum inductance: 8.53uH
- Minimum inductance: 0.05uH
- Maximum capacity: 1869pF
- Minimum capacitance: 10pF

Package Included:
- 1 x Set of Automatic Antenna Tuner

- It is assembled and ready to use.
- Battery is not included.
- Due to its design, stable standing wave value cannot be measured when the power is lower than 10W, so the adjustment work cannot be guaranteed. QRP radio users please not purchase the product.

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Q1. Can I have a sample order?

A: Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality.


Q2. What about the lead time?

A: Sample ususally take within 3 working days.


Q3. Do you have any MOQ (minimum order quality)limit?

A: For standard product, usually 1pcs/item. For the OEM order, MOQ at least 50pcs/item.



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A: Tracking number


Q6: Do you offer guarantee and after-service for the products?

A: Yes, 6- 12 months warranty for our products. Note: We will do not take the responsibility for Man-made damage or improper operation. Delivery demage will be negotiate.



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