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Product Description

Product Name
Probiotics Compound Powder Solid Drink
Ingredient list
edible glucose, isomaltose oligosaccharides, Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus
Model Specifications
5g/sachet, 5sachtes/pack, 6packs/box
Method and dosage of preparation
1 sachet every time 1-2 times a day. Serve with warm water, and mix well with milk, rice paste, etc.
Store in a cool, dark place and in a light-tight seal. It is better to refrigerate after opening.
Product role
Enhance immunity,promote intestinal health, prevent diarrhea, improve constipation, increase appetite
Not suitable for people
1 year old and below
2 years

Detailed Images

Probiotics Compound Powder Solid Drink

Probiotics powder is a beneficial microorganism for human health, which can maintain the balance of intestinal health. It mainly
includes bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. It has functions of intestinal health, immunity enhancement, and regulation.The
probiotic compound powder contains probiotics, which can help digestion, such as relieve diarrhea, bloating, and constipation. We
recommend that you pay attention to reasonable meals, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water, exercise properly, and
develop good habits.

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Heze Better Bio-Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1986, is company of research, production and sales of solid beverage (flavored fruit juice powder and instant ginger tea and probiotics powder ) 

Our company and products approved by HACCP, ISO9001:2008, HALAL. Our products exported to the United States, EU,Africa, Middle East ,etc countries of the whole world With continuous development of new products, hope to cooperate with you

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If you also often attend the exhibition, you can contact us in advance, we can talk at the exhibition, we glad to prepare customized samples for you in advance, and you are very welcome to visit our factory.

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Q1:What are Probiotics?
A: Probiotics are active microorganisms that are beneficial to the host by colonizing in the human body and changing the composition
of a certain part of the host's flora. By adjusting the host mucosa and system immune function or by adjusting the balance of the
intestinal flora, promoting nutrient absorption and maintaining intestinal health, thereby producing single microorganisms that
are beneficial to health or mixed microorganisms with clear composition

Q2: Why do you need Probiotics?
A: The intestine is not only a normal part of the body, but also participates in important physiological activities of the body. At the same time, there are also complex intestinal flora in the intestine, which play an important role in the growth, development and health of the host.

Q3: Can I get a sample?
A: Yes, we offer free samples, but shipping costs to be paid by our customers.

Q4: What’s your delivery time?
A: Usually delivery time will be 3 weeks after order down payment, It will be some days longer for the first order.

Q5: What’s your payment?
A: T/T or L/C.

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