Оптический прицел Glock, точечный прицел для винтовки, прицел для пистолетной винтовки, голографический прицел

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  Magnification  1X
  Bullet drop compensator  No
  1 Click  1MOA
  Day reticle color  Red
  Battery Don't take the battery


This non-camera-aperture design of the reflex lens provides a wide field of view. suitable for fast-firing or shooting of moving targets plus a normal shot
when the switch has turned to OFF, the power is turned off, when turn to L and H, the power is on and the brightness changes from LOW to HIGH point
adjustable windage compensation, lift and brightness for night and day
Sturdy aluminum so it will not cause the tosway gun, light but very sturdy
can adapt to various types of rail
thin, short, and thin, looks elegant and contributes to the appearance of a weapon
Adjustable brightness






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