Качественный портландский цемент 42,5

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Normal Portland cement is general purpose cement. It is suitable for all uses where the special properties of other types are not required.

It is used where cement concrete is not subject to specific exposures, such as Sulphate attack from soil or water.


Technical Specifications:

·         Produced of 95-100% Clinker and 5% Gypsum.

·         According to EN 197/1-2011


Practical Application:

Its uses include pavements and sidewalks, floors, reinforced concrete buildings, bridges, railway structures, tanks and reservoirs, culverts, pipe, masonry units and various concrete products.


·         Packed in 3 Plies craft paper bag each of 50 Kg/bag

·         Bulk, in silo trucks or jumbo bags of 1.5 ton.


·         Cement bags should be stored in a dry place and kept away of humid environment.

·         Bags are stacked over wooden Pallets.

·         Cement bags should be covered in case of humid & rainy weathers.

·         The height of each stacked column should not exceed 8 bags.




Portland slag cement CEM II/A-S 42,5 R is made by grinding clinker, with blast furnace granulated slag and gypsum.

Slag adjusts the cement blend and decreases heat of Hydration. Gypsum acts as a regulator preventing cement flash setting.


Practical Application:


Portland slag cement CEM II/A-S 42,5 R is suitable for the production of higher cement grades,

chemical building structures, for the production of reinforced concrete products, reinforced constructions and pre-stressed concrete.


Technical Specifications:

·         Clinker ranging 80-94%

·         BF Slag ranging 6-20%

·         Produced according to EN 197/1-2011



This type of cement is very workable, has a progressive increase in its initial strength, has very good cement density and its resistance to chemical reactions is high.



·         Packed in 3 plies craft paper bag including one plastic coated each of 50 Kg/bag

·         Bulk in jumbo bags each of 1.5 ton.

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