Многофункциональная спиральная машина для обезвоживания навоза

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multifunctional spiral sludge dewatering manure dewatering machine

Product Description

multifunctional spiral sludge dewatering manure dewatering machine is designed to reduce the water content of animal manure, such as cow dung, pig manure and chicken manure. In addition, the animal waste solid liquid separator can remove acid sludge, dregs, kitchen waste and many other dregs. It separates solids and liquids well. Solids can be used to make organic fertilizers or fuels, and liquids are good materials for irrigation.


(1) Screw-type extrusion solid-liquid separator has small volume, low rotation speed, simple
operation, convenient installation and maintenance, low cost, high efficiency, fast investment recovery, and no need to add any coagulant;
(2) Integrated hopper design, stable feeding compensation, wet and dry design;
(3) Thick stainless steel spiral shaft, the part is subjected to wear-resisting treatment, long service life, and the pitch
parameter is scientific and reasonable;
(4) The electronic control system has overload protection, leakage protection and low voltage protection;
(5) The stainless steel filter mesh is manufactured by strip-shaped high-precision molding process, which has the characteristics of good filtration, anti-clogging and long service life;

Technical parameter

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