Пользовательские Гидропонные пакеты для посадки используются в коммерческих питомниках и теплицах, уже домашних садоводках

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Product Description


Hydroponics Grow Bags are ideal for Commercial Nurseries, Greenhouses as well as Home Gardeners who are employing the Hydroponics growing techniques. Works well with drip irrigation System


Compressed product is packed in to high density poly bags which is UV treated and printed as per customer requirement. Ideal and excellent results for vegetation like tomato, cucumber, Bell-pepper, Cucumber so as grapes, Strawberry, and roses.


The materil Misture could be either 100% coco-peat or a cetain % of cocopeat mixed with coconut husk chips. 


Description of Specifications



: As per customer reqt. (100x20x8- 16)

Moisture Level

: Less than 18%

Material Mixture

: As per purposes and customers req.

EC Level

: As per the requirement of customer

PH Value

: 5.5 – 6.5 or as per Customer Reqst.

Compression Ratio

: 1 : 5

Weight per Bag

: 1.5 Kgs – 3.0 Kgs

UV Treatment

: 2 to 3 Years


: Differ based on size



We can guarantee about the quality and we have supplied our Grow Bags to several larger prjects in several countries and they are really happy about the performance they got for our Cocopeat Grow bags UTB8LttXw9bIXKJkSaefq6yasXXaK.jpg

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