Профессиональный производитель небулайзера, ультразвуковой портативный ингаляционный сетчатый распылитель для домашнего ухода, ультра-низкий уровень шума Мини-распылитель

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Products Description

Main Function:
1.Fine particles: large fog, fine atomized particles,particles can reach 1-5um, drug absorption more fully.
2.High speed: microporous spray tablets,atomization speed 0.2ml/min.
3.Quieter: with piezoelectric components, quieter design with low noise.
4.Flashing light: green light means normal operation, red light means no power or insufficient voltage.
5.Energy-saving and environmental protection:skin-friendly and environment-friendly, the mask adopts (polypropylene) as the main material,without DEHP (plasticizer/plasticizer).

Mesh Nebulizer
Grey / Blue / Yellow/Green
Ultrasonic frequency
108KHz± 10%
Atomization rate
≥ 0.2ml/min
Atomized particles
less than 50dB
Drug capacity
Min 0.5ml.Max 8ml
Home Clinic Hospital
Giftbox size
Giftbox weight
Carton Size
Gross weight per carton
1 set per box, and 50 boxes per carton

Company Profile

Why Choose Us



Q1:Where is your company?
A1:our headquarters and factory are located in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. There are branches and warehouses in Shenzhen and Hong Kong.Our production is standardized, is a professional medical device manufacturer, quality and service can be assured!

Q2:What are the main products of your company?
A2: We are doing medical equipment products, for home and medical.Main products are thermometers, oximeter, sphygmomanometer, Oxygen generator, nebulizer, Electric wheelchair and so on!

Q3:What are the qualifications of your products?
A3:Our products have domestic business license, production license, registration certificate, export electronic CE,FCC ,ROHS certification.

Q4:Do you offer sample?
A4:Yes,and for some products ,we even offer free sample,but you need to pay for shipping fee.

Q5:Do you accept OEM and ODM?
A5:yes, we welcome OEM and ODM absolutely,and we also have strong ability to carry your OEM&ODM orders.

Q6:What about After-sales service?
A6:Our products are guaranteed for one year. If the machine fails for one year, we will provide online technical guidance or reissue new products in the next batch of orders.

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