Медицинский Диагностический комплект YSENT- ZCB1, портативная диагностическая система для продажи

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Medical Diagnostic Kit YSENT- ZCB1 Portable Diagnostic System For Sale

Medical Diagnostic Kit

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Product Description

YSENT- ZCB1  Feature


Magnifying glass can enlarge 5X
360°circular fiber or LED/Xenon lighting system
Lens has a spin lock design,casing loading and unloading is simple,safety used
Three sizes disposable ear specular

Ear Thermometer
One touch:fast and accurate result within seconds
Three color backlight provides fever indicator and over-range warning
Memory capacity up to 10 results
Automatic probe cover ejection and detection

Operate temperature:+5°C- +40°C
Measurement range:
Blood pressure:31-255mmHg(4.1-34kPa)

Battery:4 pieces 1.5V AAA battery,can use external power supply




Direct Ophthalmoscope

29 types of diopters from -35D to +40D
3 Fliters and 7 apertures
Noninvasive examination diabetes,can also check the cornea,hyperopia,and eye tumor and so on

ENT Inspector

Invention Patent
Utility Model Patent
Special locker for loading and unloading the tongue depressor
Wood and PC disposable depressor

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