Полностью синтетическая металлическая рабочая жидкость, водорастворимая жидкость для резки металла

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Metalworking is the process of working with metals to create individual parts, assemblies, etc. To prevent burning and smoking, metalworking fluid (MWF) is the most important role which is the name given to a range of oils and other liquids. During machining, MWF is used to reduce heat and friction, and to remove metal particles, to cool and lubricate metal work-piece.


What are Metalworking fluids/Cutting oil?
Metalworking fluid (MWF) is the name given to a range of oils and other liquids that are used to cool and/or lubricate metal workpieces when they are being machined, ground, milled, etc. MWFs reduce the heat and friction between the cutting tool and the workpiece, and help prevent burning and smoking. Applying MWFs also helps improve the quality of the workpiece by continuously removing the fines, chips, and swarfs from the tool being used and the surface of the workpiece. (Swarfs are the small pieces of metal removed from a workpiece by a cutting tool.)


Tapping, threading, drilling, sawing, shearing, turning, and reaming metal parts, pipes, conduit, screws, bolt holes, housings, aluminum sheets, strapping, gears and chains.


Different types of MWFs
1. Straight Oils 2. Soluble Oils (emulsifiable oils) 3. Semi-synthetic fluids 4. Synthetic fluids



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