BMC SMC Watt-meter Box made from Fiberglass

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We are the manufacturer of fiberglass meter box. This electric meter box has been designed to help avoid accident caused by
electric leakage.

The material used in manufacturing of these electric boxes is Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) and Bulk Mold Compound (BMC) which is
better than steel and other materials due to high strength and light weight.

This fiberglass meter box has two main parts i.e. body and cover. It can be installed both indoor and outdoor on wire poles and

What is SMC?
Sheet molding compound is a “mold ready,” glass-reinforced polymeric material – primarily used in compression molding (ideal for automotive body panels, institutional seating and various other structural components). SMC delivers superior strength-to-weight with a Class A surface.

Fiberglass SMC/DMC Polyester
yellow, grey or customized
Working termperature
-40 to +120 ℃
Mechanical impact
Standard or customized
SMC molding
Water absorption rate
Bear Electric arc
1. Light weight and high strength:
Fiberglass meter box is a light weight box with high strength as compared to other materials like steel.
2. Better installation:
Patent technology has been used in these fiber glass electric boxes. Observation windows and port holes ensure better
3. Rain proof:
We as fiberglass meter box manufacturers have manufactured these boxes rain proof so that they can also be installed outside to avoid stealing of electricity boxes.
4. Anti-slip surface:
This box is anti-corrosion. No crack, deformation or destruction will affect the body of the box even after two hours storage in mixed hydrochloric acid and Hydroxide steel (at specific isomeric ratios), a chemical reagent.
5. Flame retardation:
The product meets the flame retardant standards of GB/T5169.13 and FVO.
6. Rust and temperature resistance:
This electric meter box is rust resistant.
It is also temperature resistant and can bear both hot and cold temperatures. The product will not experience any deformation or crack even after setting them under 125 degrees or 60 degrees below zero.
7. Durability:
The product life is more than 30 years when installed outdoors. Its life expectancy is 40 years when installed indoors.
8. Insulation:
This fiberglass meter box has good insulation so does not flicker or breakdown in power-frequency withstand voltage test.

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