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30% Discount Promotion! Alma Laser Soprano Ice Titanium Platinum 755 808 1064nm Triple Wavelength Diode Laser Hair Removal Price



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Product Description

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1) Hair removal for the whole body

Hair removal for the whole body, the inelegant hair in the whole body (hair in the

growing period), including the slight hair in light color.


2)Tender skin and whitening
Improve the coarse pore, rough skin, gloomy complexion to make the skin

white and the color uniformed, and recover the skin elasticity.


Main advantages

1) 808nm wavelength laser can be fully absorbed by the the hair follicle, reach the hair

follicle position through the cortex effectively.

2) The semiconductor laser pulse time is from 5mm to 100mm, it can protect the

surface cell and remove the different hair.

3) 808nm semiconductor laser hair remover instrument penetrates deeply with

little surface absorption ability to laser and without hyperpigmentation.

4) There is no need to anesthesia, just the slight acanthesthesia, there is no need

for the special care after the surgery, it is OK to wash face and make up, which

doesn’t affect the life.


New technology advantages:

1. TEC active cooling
TEC active cooling design, ensure ontinuously working for 10 hours in 30C Room-Temperature.

2.3D Air Cooling System
All heat from components will be cooled down by 3D air cooling system.

3. Heat Insulation Water Tank

4 Liter Heat insulation water tank

surrounding by Heat insulation material, always keep water temperature below 20C
5. Safety electric wires
All cold-compressing molecules accurately produced by Advanced machine

6. The Chunk of each electric wire is identified
Easy Plug-and-play connectors design, easy for maintenance
7. Explosion-proof design
Plug and Play connectors with Metal Lock, high strength

8. Explosion-proof PU Water Tube, never water leakage

9. Plug-and-play connectors
; Plug-and-play connectors

10. Independent water and electricity circulation
Independent water and electricity circulation 100% avoid short circuit caused by water leakage
11. The digitization of Current and Voltage effectively monitor pump, freezer, important elements

12. Supports USB Software Updating, no need to open whole machine case

13. New printer function can help add printer function for free



Company Information

Beijing NianSheng® Beauty Technology ., Co Ltd is a professional beauty equipment manufacturer and exporter, which delivers on the promise of exceptional skin health and appearance to address hyperpigmentation, aging, acne and many other skin concerns. We offer the quality, expertise, and customer service you are looking for. 

We take part in global exhibitions such as Russia’ s Leading Beauty Show.The Largest Beauty &Spa Exhibition in India.The Largest Beauty Trade Exhibition in Vietnam and so on.






















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