Поставщик бутылок для ликера 750 мл стеклянная бутылка для водки с пробкой

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Liquor Bottle Supplier 750ml Vodka Spirit Glass Bottle with Cork

Product Description

Various of Sealing Types
1,Screw top including GPI and Ropp, which are the mostly used screw caps. We provide both sealing way and the caps. 2,Cork sealing
type is widely used for vodka, brandy, and whiskey. There are different sized cork, and different material.
3,Guala top is popular in Asia and Russia market, the tamper proof is wonderful, and fluent pouring is one of the feature.


Liquor Bottle Supplier 750ml Vodka Spirit Glass Bottle with Cork
Surface Handling
Printing,painting,frosted,decal,embossed,hot stamping
Industrial Use
We provide three quality grades to meet cilents' various markets

Super flint - First grade quality

High flint - Second grade quality

Normal flint - Third grade quality
Sealing Type
CORK,Stopper,Screw Cap,Crown Cap
Payment Terms
T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal.
Provided Freely

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Packing & Delivery

Density Board Box
Wood Box

Carton and pallet
Paper carton package
Pallet package

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Is it possible to order custom sample?
We can make samples, but to do so requires an investment from you of about US $1250. This includes bottle molds and prototyping fees. Unless you plan on purchasing large volumes of the bottle in the future, ordering samples alone is not advised.
How much does a set of production molds cost (for a custom bottle)?
The base cost to produce a mold is roughly US $1250 for a standard bottle. The greater the size and complexity of form, the greater will be the cost to produce the mold.
How long does it take to get the first order (for a custom bottle)?
You can expect to receive your first container of bottles in 1-2 months provided that the process goes smoothly.
Samples usually take 2-3 weeks from the time the mold is ordered. If mold modifications are required, you can expect an extra 2 weeks to get new samples each time a change is made, depending on how busy the factory is. Once the sample is approved, it takes 1 weeks to complete the full set of production molds. We can usually schedule production within 3-4 weeks after.
Approximately how many bottles would fit in a 40HQ?
Symmetrical 750ml bottles can fit approximately 24K if they are packed with boxes, or roughly 27K if they are packed in bulk. Irregularly shaped 750ml bottles can usually only fit approximately 22K if they are packed in boxes. Roughly 60K standard 12 oz. beer bottles will fit in a 40HQ.

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