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Bady Adult Hand Facial Cleansing Handmade Natural Olive Oil Soap Supplies


Olive oil soap with extra virgin Greek olive oil.

Handmade Cold Process Soap


No preservatives, no chemicals, no artificial colourings or scents, 100% premium Greek olive oil

Our soap is of exceptional quality and guaranted purity.   We are E.U. certified producers, with our products technical analysis at your disposal.   Ideal for people with sensitive skin, or for the delicate skin of infants. Biodegradable, not tested on animals, 100% natural.

Pure nature.   Pure beauty.  Authentic Greek recipe and product.


Olive oil percentage: 100%  

Weight: 120gr 

Packaging: Handwrapped


 Product Name  Bady Adult Hand Facial Cleansing Handmade Natural Olive Oil Soap Supplies
 Keyword  facial cleansing soap  
 Place of Origin Greece 
 Custom Order   Accept, handmade soap, natural

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Our Company


Our company produces natural, handmade soaps with 100% extra virgin olive oil , in the form of bars, using the Cold Process method, which protects the oils in our recipes.  

  • We use exclusively, premium quality Peloponnesian (Kalamata) Extra Virgin Olive Oil, cold pressed.

  • We create our soaps without boiling the olive oil.

  • We do not remove glycerin from our soaps: All the naturally occurring Glycerin which is produced during the saponification process, remains inside the soap bar and all the natural properties of the extra virgin olive oil is preserved to nurture the skin.  

Our company has been awarded ISO 22716:2007 GMP & ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Certification by Bureau Veritas.  We are among the quite few producers who use absolutely no chemical additives and artificial colorings or synthetic fragrances in our soaps, or any other oil, except fresh, pure, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Due to our strict selection of exclusively 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, for our production, our soaps are very hard bars with long lasting usage which can reach 4 weeks with regular use.  All our products are guaranteed for their exceptional quality and natural composition. All orders are accompanied by our Manufacturer’s Quality Guarantee.


We make everything without fillers, concentrated, so that all ingredients are active ingredients, and that they will be with you for a really, really long time! Only a small amount is required to be applied. For example, with our Blue Tansy luxe facial oil, as an average about 3-4 drops are needed to be applied. The bottle contains 50ml of product, and 1ml equals to about 20 drops. This gives you, more than 250 applications! Truly, a little goes a long way. Every ingredient we chose, offers it's therapeutic properties. Be it a clay, a flower, an essential oil or a mineral, we create treatments that combine essential vitamins, trace elements, minerals, and botanical therapeutic substances to restore skin to its optimum health and vitality. This results in pure, highly concentrated, and effective formulas that are scarce in the skincare world today.






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Product Name : Bady Adult Hand Facial Cleansing Handmade Natural Olive Oil Soap Supplies  

Packaging : International standard packaging 

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