Новое поступление, портативные складные пластиковые корзины для кемпинга и пикника, ведра для льда на открытом воздухе с прочной ручкой

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Product Dimensions:
38 x 28 x 7 cm
Shipping Weight:
 * 1.FOOD GRADE MATERIALS:VanSmaGo collapsible sink is made of food-grade thermoplastic rubber, BPA-free and dishwasher safe. Two
sinks each with a capacity of 10L will meet your various needs. Two sinks, yellow and gray, you can distinguish which one is
which easily.
* 2.GREAT HELPER FOR OUTDOOR CAMPING : Multifunctional foldable sink can be used to wash dishes, vegetables, clothes, and even
wash the car. It can also be used as a bucket, ice bucket, and picnic basket. You can use it when camping, hiking, and boating,
and it will be your best loading helper outdoors. You can continue to explore it because its functions are far more than these.
* 3.FOLDABLE AND SPACE-SAVING:The unique pop-up design of the VanSmaGo collapsible sink allows you to fold the water basket and
store it in your trunk. It is so compact and portable, and it will never add any burden to your journey. Expanded size: 15 x 11
x 6.1(h) inches, and i t's height just 2.7 inches after folds, capacity: 10 L.
* 4.STABILITY AND CONWENIENCE:The foldable sink adopts a slip-proof design, with a sturdy plastic frame and base to provide
additional support. It has two sturdy handles. After filling it with water, you can lift it with only one hand, which is very
* 5.ENJOY THE HAPPY CAMPING TIME:You don't need to worry about the large and bulky sink being difficult to carry because VanSmaGo
has solved your problem. Fold the collapsible sink and put it in your bag or trunk. Enjoy the pleasant camping time with family
and friends in the most relaxed state.

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