Extrepure Ion Exchange Resin Cation Replacement 001x7 Softening Cartion Resin Water Softener Cation Exchange Resin Sale

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Purolite A500TL Ion Exchange Resin is mainly used for hard water softening, pure water preparation, household water dispensers, water purifiers, etc. During use, you can intuitively observe the operation of the resin through the color change of the resin. The bleolite resin can be reused repeatedly. It is suitable for condensate treatment and continuous exchange system, with good silicon removal ability.

Physical and chemical performance index
1. Water content: 43.00-48.00%
2, Mass total exchange capacity≥4.40mmol/g
3, Volume total exchange capacity≥1.90mmol/ml
4, Wet apparent density: 10.78-0.88g/m
5, Wet true density: 1.250-1.290g/ml
6, Range granularity: (0.315mm-1.250mm)≥95.0%
7, The lower limit of particle size: (<0.315mm)≤1.0%
8. Effective particle size: 0.400-0.700mm
9, Uniformity coefficient≤1.60
10, Sphere rate after grinding≥90.00%

Ion Exchange Resin A500TL Features
Resin matrix structure
Styrene/divinylbenzene copolymer
Functional group
Physical form
Insoluble, amber particles
Ion type at shipment
Sodium ion type
Total exchange capacity
2.0 g equivalent/liter (sodium type)
Specific gravity
1.26 to 1.30 (sodium type)
Moisture content ratio
43 to 47% (sodium type)
Packing density
850 g/liter (sodium type)
Fine particle content
<0.300mm: 0.1%max
Coarse particle content
>0.850mm: 10%max

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