Антипригарное покрытие приватный лэйбл на заказ в Италии см 22x28x4.7/дюйм 8,66x11x1,85 жаровню лазанья противень для выпечки

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Product Description


cm 22x28x4.7/inch 8.66x11x1.85 Roasting Pan Baking Pan Lasagna Pan Non-Stick Coating Made In Italy
Internal Black/External Black
Sizes available 
cm 22x28x4,7/inch 8,66x11x1,85; cm 24x32x4,7/inch 9,5x12,5x1,85; cm 30x40x5,3/inch 11,81x15,75x2,09
4 Colors Label (MOQ 3.000 pcs for Custom Artwork)
Customization Options
Embossed Logo (MOQ 3.000 pcs + tooling cost); Laser Logo (MOQ 3.000 pcs + tooling cost)
Key Features
Optimized Thickness To Ensure Even Baking and To Reduce Cooking Time; Excellent Non-Stick Performances And Release; Wide Edges To
Easily Handle The Mould In And Out Of The Oven; Smooth Surface And Premium Feeling At Touch
Regulation and Norms Compliance
Special Custom Quotations Available With Full Container Load (FCL) Including Single Items or Mixed Assortment

Company Profile

Italian cooking delight.
With Guardini, cooking tastes brand new. In 70 years, the once craft workshop has shifted in a leading company which has deeply transformed the world of oven moulds, thanks to its high quality, light and cutting-edge products. An unprecedented way of living your kitchen, light-hearted and having fun.

The numbers of success.
20 Product lines, 50 Private Label collections, 17000 Square meters of industrial area in Italy, 70 Years as protagonists
The numbers talk about a true industrial evolution, carried out thanks to the union between experience and tradition started more than 70 years ago. Guardini has learned how to increase its own resources to make its way in the sector as well as its mark: today it is a strong company, recognized internationally and technologically advanced.
Production is by 99% Made in Italy, and this has enabled the company to conquer the world, with 70% of the turnover made thanks to export in Europe, the Arab nations, America and North Africa.

Our story.
Guardini’s story starts with a strong passion for cooking and from an unfailing desire of creating a world tailor-made for the consumer, combining tradition and innovation.

Our production philosophy.

A high standing product as well as a very efficient customer service, these are Guardini’s mission.
Our constant and significant investments in technology, research and development are one of the secrets of Guardini’s success.
Today, the company boasts a completely automated production site, which can ensure a high productivity and competitiveness of prices.
The flexibility and the capacity of adapting our production on the market’s requests have enabled Guardini to open to the great market of private labels, at the heart of the main projects of modern trade.
For Guardini, this means guaranteeing quality, volume, versatility in the customization, with an entirely Italian production: a
difficult challenge, but faced with success.


1.Who are we?
We are a company based in Torino, Italy, since 1947. We are specialized in bakeware and ovenware manufacturing and we export our products in more than 50 countries worldwide.

2.How can we guarantee quality?
Certified Quality System;
Full products traceability;
Factory audited by SGS and Intertek.

3.What can you buy from us?
We have an assortment of approx. 90 different bakeware and ovenware shapes.

4.Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
Fully automated production entirely based in Italy;
Raw material and components supply chain entirely based in Europe;
Sole use of branded non-stick coatings from the most important suppliers;
Wide assortment of bakeware shapes in various materials.
5.What services can we provide?
Short Lead Time;
Wide range of shapes, coatings and colours;
Wide range of customization options.

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