Прозрачный высокотемпературный плавленый кварц JGS2 стеклянная пластина и кварцевые диски

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Product Description

Ultra-thin Quartz Plate
1: Fused silica quartz glass (Silica Glass ,Quartz Glass )
A) Optical quartz glass
Far Ultraviolet quartz glass (JGS1)UV Grade
Ultraviolet quartz glass (JGS2) Optical grade
Infrared optical quartz glass ( JGS3)
B) Synthetic quartz glass
C) K9 Glass
D) Borosilica Glass including 80% SiO2

Optical glass for Fused silica material
Fused Silica is formed by chemical combination of silicon and oxygen. Fused Silica is perfect optical material due to its good UV and IR transmission, low coefficient of thermal expansion. It has high stability and resistance to thermal shock over large temperature excursions, wide temperature operating range and high laser damage threshold.

Ultra-thin Quartz Plate Parameter
Standard Grade
Precision Grade
Ultra-precision Grade
Ultra-thin Quartz Plate  Dimensional Tolerance
Ultra-thin Quartz Plate Clear Aperture
 >80% to >90%
 >80% to >90%
>80% to >90%
Ultra-thin Quartz Plate Surface Quality
20-10 to 10-5
Ultra-thin Quartz Plate Parallelism
1 arc min
30 arc seconds
1 arc min
Ultra-thin Quartz Plate Wavefront Distortion
1λper 25mm
Ultra-thin Quartz Plate Protective Bevel

<0.25x45 deg
<0.25x45 deg
<0.25x45 deg
Ultra-thin Quartz Plate Coating
Ultra-thin Quartz Plate  Dimension
Depends on material
Ultra-thin Quartz Plate Thickness

Depends on material

Detailed Images

Quartz Plate

silica glass plate Quartz Substrate
customized quartz round plate
ZCQ quartz glass disc as per customer

 Ultra-thin Quartz Plate Application:
(1) Mechanical Components, Environmental Protection Industry,
(2) Plasma Processing Apparatus
(3)Aerospace, Commercial Industrial
(4) Military, Defense, Electronics

Ultra-thin Quartz Plate Application:
(5) Instrumentation, Research & Development, Nuclear
(6)Optical, Medical, Oil & Gas Lighting, Laser Equipment Security
(7) Automotive, Audio/Video, Display Technology

Quartz Plate Application:
(8) Furniture Design, Lighting Technology
(9) Military Technology, Office Automation, Projection Technology

 Quartz Plate Application:
(10) Vandal Proof Systems, Semiconductor, High Temperature Lighting
(11) Fiber Optics

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Company Introduction

Founded in 1998, locates in Beijing and has a large production base in Laiyang, Shandong province which covers an area of 20,000 square meters. It is a high-tech comprehensive glass processing enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. ZCQ specializes in the custom processing of various optical glass, including glass capillary tube / rod, shaped glass tube / rod, quartz plate, laser cavity filter, fiber end cap, quartz instrument and quartz parts. Products are widely used in semiconductor, communications, solar energy, electronics, optics, optical fiber, chemical industry, coating, medical treatment and many other high-end industries. Products are sold to domestic, Asia, Europe, America and Pacific regions, and have received good reputation from our customers.

About Us

Our Workshop
We have various kinds of processing equipment to meet productions demand. With advanced production and processing equipment, professional technicians, perfect quality management system and rich processing methods, it has laid a solid foundation for stable and reliable product quality.

Why Choose Us

Our Advantages
Factory direct selling without intermediaries. Competitive price and excellent customer service.
Comprehensive glass processing enterprise, drawing, machining and hot working, etc., one stop service.
Non-standard, custom production based on customer requirement.
Good reputation. A responsible and trusted friend for the customer.
Good quality. Much better performance guaranteed compared to other products of similar appearance.
20 years of industry processing experience. Good knowledge of materials and applications.
Timely delivery. Safe packaging and suitable for export transportation. Professional logistics and trade operation.
Fast response, direct and timely communication. Continuous improvement, customer satisfaction more than 98%.


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