1350 Вт усилитель pro dsp аудио цифровой усилитель мощности

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Product Description

8 ohm Stereo Power(RMS)
1300W *4CH
4 ohm Stereo Power (RMS)
2100w *4CH
8 ohm Bridged Power (RMS)
4200W *2CH
4 ohm Bridged Power (RMS)
5000W *2CH

Dsp series is to increase the DSP function that can be adjusted through the computer control each channel parameters (EQ delayfrequency divider, etc.) 
DSP power amplifier can record data and used directly next time. Use with dsp software,a dsp software can
control 200 amplifier. 
DSP power amplifier screen is touch-screen operation,give you a better experience

Packing & Delivery

Company Profie


DS-10Q/ DSP-10Q amplifiers are suitable for impedance above 4ohms and above.

♦How to match our amplifier with your speaker ?

For the Line array or full range speaker , the RMS power of amplifier is 1.5 times than the speaker's RMS power. 
For the subwoofer, the RMS power of amplifier is twice than the subwoofer.

Under 8ohms impedance conditions, our DS-10Q/ DSP-10Q suitable for the pa speaker rated power around 900W(Below 900W also ok ).

♦Suggest match: DS-10Q/ DSP-10Q match with 4pcs 15 inch Speaker

♦Does your unit with warranty ?
Yes, it's with 3-year warranty .


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