Гигиенические продукты Centrone, лучшее качество, итальянский продукт, консервированный артишок в рассоле 2,6 кг, консервированные продукты, овощи, carciofo carciofi

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Product Description

Ingredients: 52% :
artichoke hearts
Preservatives: salt
Natural sweetners: sugar
Acidity controllers/Antioxidatives:
citric acid E330
ascorbic L acid E300
sulphurous anhydride E220 (res.)*

Company Profile

The art to produce quality…

Born in 1978 from the experience of professionals with a long tradition in the agriculture and food industry, Centrone specialises
in the production and distribution of high quality food conserves.

It is just “producing quality” that constitutes Centrone mission, the heart of its work.
A commitment the company pursues through the introduction of innovative products with a high service content for the catering and
the wide distribution industries: exclusive products, able to satisfy at the best the consumers newer and newer demands of food
Producing quality, in fact, means offering products that bring back to the palate the full taste of nature.

The quality of Centrone products is guaranteed by the careful checking of the working methodologies along all the production
stages, from recognising the land for seeding to the harvesting; from the processing of the raw materials to transportation.

…satisfying the new requirements of the market
The experience of the market and the thorough knowledge of the products and the production techniques constitute the base of the particular orientation towards Centrone customer.

All this means:

•\tchoosing the best products
•\tpreferring the processing “from the fresh produce”
•\trespecting organoleptic characteristics of the vegetables
•\tconstant research for new products and combinations able to satisfy the most demanding tastes

…serving the entire world

80% of Centrone production addresses the Italian market.
The remaining 20% is, instead, directed to importers and distributors in Europe, South Africa, Kazakistan, Mauritius, Malta.

The domestic commercial organisation consists of agents operating throughout the domestic territory, divided into territorial
The foreign market is catered by a network of independent distributors.

Centrone has available:

* a large on location warehouse (5000 sq. m)
* its own fleet
* an equipped analysis laboratory to check the incoming products

The art preserving the flavours…

Leader in Italy in the artichoke processing, for over thirty years Centrone has been the main brand in the food conserves

* A strong vocation for quality
* Advanced productive processes
* Strict internal checking
* Accurate selection methodologies
* Manual checking of each single piece of vegetable;

These represent Centrone points of strength.

..combining quality and variety

Centrone offers a wide choice of products and sizes able to cover the entire industry of the food conserves.

Its production, addressed to the retail and catering sectors, is divided into four product families:
* In oil
* In vinegar
* Natural
* Specialities

…dressing the goodness.

To enhance adequately the production goodness and quality, the packaging of the Centrone products come to the market with a fully
renovated look.
The new “dress” features a modern and appetising graphic, enriched with a series of useful suggestion for the consumption and
clear nutritional information.

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