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 Standard configuration of Kegon Dental chair:
* Motor imported from Denmark,silence,stable,no jitter
* Emergence chair position
* Quick reset function(less than 9s)
* Postoperative cleaning chair position
* 9 Memory position
* One-click spitting position
* All-computer liquid crystal display screen
* Deluxe double joint folding head pillow
* Wear resistant and super fiber leather sofa chair
* Multifunctional pedal switch
* Deluxe induction plus manual switch LED oral lamp
* Wear resistant and super fiber leather sofa doctor stool

Main box part
* Double water supply system
* System for cleaning and sterilizing a self-contained pipeline,Lighten the stress of doctors' work
* Set water supply time for flushing and mouthwash
* Large capacity automatic constant temperature heating system
* Strong suction negative pressure system
* Strong suction silencing device
* Weak suction negative pressure system
* Suction filter device
* All-ceramic spittoon with platform
* Adopt the double lamp arm design(Options)

Multi-angle rotating instrument tray
* Multifunctional doctor operation panel(With memory position system)
* 90 degrees rotatable tilted large hanging frame
* Imported four-hole high and low speed handpiece tube
* Barometer
* Three ways syringe
* Built-in 24VDC panoramic view lamp
* Balance arm is control by double air brake

Deluxe induction LED lamp
with induction switch, no pole 6 light intensity adjustment.

Detailed Images

Dental oil free compressor
Woodpecker curing light
Up mounted instrument tray
Dental high speed handpiece
Shadowless led lamp
Dentist chair
Dental low speed handpiece
Intraoral camera
Woodpecker scaler
Electrocardiogram monitor

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