Супер мягкие непротекающие хлопковые менструальные трусики, трусики для менструальных период, абсорбирующие трусики для девочек-подростков

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Products Description

Product name
YXX period panty pads
2 pieces/pack
Shelf life
3 years
Main components
non-woven fabric, macromolecule absorption resin,cotton pulp,PE film.

YXX cotton period panty pads is made of selected high quality cotton and suitable for night use. It has the advantages of all-round leakproof, quick absorption of menstrual blood, you can well sleeps all night. At the same time, it is disposable and biodegradable.


Why do I need to use panty pads instead of tampons or sanitary napkins at night?
Even if you use super-long sanitary napkins, side leakage may still occur when you sleep. If the tampon is used at night and not replaced in time, it may cause TSS (toxic shock syndrome)symptoms. panty pads are comfortable and fully leak-proof, so it's more suitable for night use.

Product features

YXX period panty pads have strong ductility and are suitable for most people. We adopt very skin-friendly non-woven fabrics so users will feel very comfortable.

YXX period panty pads carefully selected natural organic cotton, soft and breathable

Our panty pads can be handled just like normal underwear encouraging more self-care, and available in three absorbency levels. It offers superb security and discretion. They are thin, soft and stretch to the shape of the body. It absorbs even large quantities of urine into the core and quickly away from the skin, keeping the surface exceptionally dry.

Company Profile

Why Choose Us

1.We are absolutely trustworthy
We focus on sanitary products for many years, own independent research and development ability, the trade mark of our sanitary pads was elected as "Famous Trademark in China".

2.We can meet your customized needs with high efficiency and high quality
We has a purification workshop established by reference to the pharmaceutical GMP standard above the industry average level ,9 domestic first-class sanitary napkin high-speed production lines, with excellent enterprise production environment and leading the domestic industry technology level.

3.We pay attention to every tiny detail
We have skilled salesmen, production staff and shipping staff. We pay attention to packaging and details. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a skilled buyer, you can get a good buying experience.

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