Алюминиевый герметичный контейнер для измельчителя сорняков, водонепроницаемый, влагозащищенный контейнер для сигар

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CannaPuck 2.0
More space, more capacity

Water-Proof | Smell-Proof | Air-craft Aluminum | Keep weed fresh for 24hrs

Aircraft Aluminum
Every CannaPuck 2.0 is machined from precision aluminum, which is used to build aircraft and Space-X rockets.

Unparalleled durability, this weed storage is portable and unbreakable, it will stay with you for at least 10 years.

>10 Years
The service life of the CannaPuck2.0.

Smellproof Design.
How embarrassing it is when people smell your weed?
Don't worry, put your weed in the CannaPuck, no one knows what's inside until you open the lid.

<0.1 Meter
Even so close, no one else could smell anything.

Waterproof Design.
We designed and equipped CannaPuck2.0 with water-proof apron. It could be soaked under water for more than 30 days,You don't need to worry about it been immersed or leakage.

>30 Days
Immersion in water keeps water out.

Keep Fresh
CannaPuck2.0 storage could keep your weed fresh all the day.
Whenever you want to smoke, it's always waiting for you, and the taste never changes.

>24 Hours
Keep your weed fresh.

Pro Anodizing process achieve more fashion color.
Cannapuck 2.0 comes in 10 fantastic colors - all lightly metallic.
Black/Grey/Silver/Blue/Red/White/Yellow/Green/Champaign Gold/Rose Gold.
There's always one you like, If not, let's customized it.

Do your logo,Free and no MOQ.
Laser engrave logo is free, UV print colorful logo also is welcome.
Send your logo to us,5mins will show really sample for confirm

Individual packaging box.
High quality 60 gram paperboard.
Every Cannapuck in a individual packaging box.
Order reach 1000 pieces can get free customized box.

Cannapuck 2.0
Store weed stash
CNC Aluminum
120 g
White/Black/Gray/Red/Yellow/Green/Blue/Gold/Purple/Rose Gold

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