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Yunnan and Ethiopia coffee beans on sale

Products Description

- Works in two ways as a powerful anti-oxidant reducing free oxygen radicals
- Help to regulate the body's metabolism by inhibiting glucose and phosphates
- Increase stamina by stimulating the production of cortisone and adrenalin
- increase the effectiveness of pain killers, especially for migraine medications
- Help to reduce the risk of diabetes, studies report 30% in women and over 50% in men.
- Help the body to burn a higher proportion of lipids to carbohydrates, which can help avoid muscle fatigue.

Main function:
A. The anti-hypertensive effect
B. Anti-tumor effect
C. Kidney, and enhance immune function
D. Anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-aging musculoskeletal
E. Anti-bacterial, anti-virus
F. Other functions: diuretic, choleretic, lowering blood pressure, miscarriage.

Italian mellow coffee beans

We execute 5%-10% sample inspection.
Products will need reworking in workshop if inspection fails.
We stick to checking quantity,cartons Packaging/markings.
The company provides: raw beans trade, OEM baking. Custom label
Processing services, can send samples, can be customized according to demand

For more detial information, please get in touch with us.
We are always here!

Main Composition
chlorogenic acid, caffeoylquinic acid
Coffea arabica L.
Extract part
 Chlorogenic acid HPLC30-50%, Chlorogenic acid HPLC30-70%
Light brown powder
Molecule Formula

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