Золотая Фирменная торговая марка от производителя алкогольный напиток для красного вина подарок

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Product Description

"And that thou less may wonder at my word,
Behold the sun's heat, which becometh wine,
Joined to the juice that from the vine distils.
(Dante Alighieri, Purgatorio, Canto XXV)"

Tasting Notes
With its extraordinary elegance, faithfully conforming to the style that has made Sangiovese one of the most famous wines in the world, Mensale offers its taster an exciting glimpse of the Tuscan oenological tradition. Born from the vineyards that stretch along the hills between Pisa and Florence, this wine embodies all the passion of our oenologists, fitting perfectly in the Tenuta del Principe project to enrich it.
A unique product, capable, even at first glance, of distinguishing itself for the perfect accuracy of every detail, including,
outstandingly, the wax capsule made entirely by hand.
In the glass the splendor of Mensale opens up to the senses, inebriating them with the most typical notes of the Sangiovese vine - blackberry, blueberry, ripe plum and violet - skilfully harmonized by the tertiary aromas ceded by the aging in wood. The excellent body, characterized by a pleasant softness and a significant alcohol support, is perfectly balanced by the lively tannin - another typical characteristic of the vine - and by a vibrant freshness.
The complex and inviting organoleptic profile of Mensale certainly stimulates the imagination in search of the perfect companionto be proposed at table: if the first thought certainly goes to the meats - roast veal or pork, guinea fowl with sage and sweet-sour lamb - not to be underestimated is the alternative pairing with cheeses, preferably medium aged, or with fish-based soups.


Product Type
Red wine
Table Wine
Place of Origin
Producing Region
Emilia Romagna
Brand Name
Tenuta del Principe
Alcohol Content (%)
Grape Type
Ageing Container
Botti di Rovere
Weight (kg)
Model Number
Sugar Residual
2 gr./lt.
100% Sangiovese
Natural Cork (AMORIN)
Ageing Process
In oak barrels for 12/14 months


Tenuta del Principe Wines

History, tradition, land: these and many others could be the principles that inspire the birth and development of a brand, and go on to determine the main stylistic features. Tenuta del Principe is a project that starts from this assumption to make a significant step forward, to go further, setting as a target the attainment of excellence.
Through the development of a network of an ever more structured and efficient collaboration, the team of oenologists who conceived the Tenuta del Principe project has in fact pursued the possibility of monitoring in full the production process of their own products, guaranteeing for each of them the ultimate in quality and refinement at every stage.
The creative process therefore follows a path in some ways contrary to the one usually put in place, starting with the designation of the ordained end result: a great wine, lofty, elegant, a perfect interpreter of its own name, but above all an eminent representative of the best Italian wine tradition.
The first step towards this ambitious goal is obviously the choice of the main protagonist of the work, the grape, searching for the perfect selection, depending on the year, within specific plots identified with the help of specialized agronomists. The harvest and the first, delicate winemaking operations are carefully monitored, and on the basis of these, the times and the modalities of the subsequent refining phases are defined.
Finally the work is completed with a study of the product image, also inspired by the general principle of excellence, but not only in style, since the choice of packaging materials is also the result of an important work of comparison and research, designed to give the most perfect refinement to every detail.
Born in Romagna, this project focused primarily on the two best excellencies of their own land: the Albanafirst Italian white D.O.C.G. – and the Sangiovese, presented in its most prestigious version, Romagna D.O.C. Superiore Riserva.
To that they went on to add what is perhaps the most famous (as well as most celebrated) Italian wine, the Barolo, followed recently by another pillar of Italian winemaking, the Tuscan Sangiovese. One more interpretation of the regional vinicultural tradition completes the product line. Under the name Rosso Rubicone I.G.T. it offers the taster an elegant sensory experience celebrating a felicitous marriage of native and international vines.
Thanks to the success of its first products, Tenuta del Principe is now a solid evolving project that aims to expand its selection to give shape to the original idea of representing more and more exhaustively the Italian oenological heritage.

Company Profile


1. Who are we?
A team of professionals specialized in every wines sector.
Production plans and commercial strategies are developed by a team of professionals specialized in each individual sector. Tenute d’Italia makes professionalism one of the key points of its organization, investing since its inception in highly qualified figures for the management and development of each individual sector.
Years of work have allowed us to perfect a double level of management of the production chain - consisting of direct management by a specialized professional of each specific processing phase to which is added a collaborative work that guarantees constant dialogue between sectors - but at the same time, the important evolution that Tenute d’Italia has managed to achieve in its organization has increasingly favoured the involvement of new professional figures capable of providing additional impetus and quality to the network’s work.

To the pool of technicians responsible for supervising the wine production process has been gradually added an increasingly large team of specialists in the management of all administrative, logistical and legal aspects in support of our network. Similarly, increasing attention has been paid to the search and selection of external collaborators with whom to develop profitable communication and marketing plans.

Keeping a constantly updated eye on the latest technical and regulatory innovations in each field of interest, this team certainly represents one of the most precious resources shared by a network strongly oriented to enhance the humanity that lies behind each great wine.

2. how can we Guarantee Quality?
Complete and guaranteed control on every bottle.
Tenute d’Italia guarantees complete control of the whole production chain of each bottle marketed. The Italian wine system is subject to constant, rigid supervision by numerous institutions - national and regional - to which each company must constantly refer in every phase of its work, from the vineyard to the bottling, and right up to the marketing of the bottles.
The recent conversion the entire information exchange system between producers and controllers to a completely dematerialized system - an operation that sees Italy play a pioneering role in Europe - has also allowed a significant improvement of this control system, providing consumers of Italian wines all over the world a clear increase in the guarantees on the quality of the product purchased.
Tenute d’Italia has progressively grafted onto this structure of law a further, more complex, auto-control system to perfect the management of the traceability of its products so as to guarantee not only the specific origin - showing almost the entire development from the individual bunch to the bottle - but also the precise evolution through the scientific evidence of the recurrent tests carried out in the internal analysis laboratory, the crown jewel of our network.
Always final Inspection before shipment.

3.What can you buy from us?
A soul as green as our vines.
Our attention to the environment and the health of our customers is more than a service: it is a mission for which we passionately renew our commitment every day. We believe that wine is one of the highest expressions of the interaction between man and nature. To honor this special bond, we commit ourselves every day to developing an increasingly attentive production approach to safeguard the environment and the health of consumers.
From the defense and nutrition protocols of the vineyard to the cellar operations, Tenute d’Italia constantly strives, through in-depth research, to develop innovative processing techniques that guarantee the maximum healthfulness of the raw material and, consequently, of the finished products.
This approach, faithfully applied within the so-called traditional agriculture, has provided the perfect basis for the development of an increasing interest in organic and biodynamic production techniques, in the profound belief that they represent not only a marketing tool but much more: a veritable seal that our network has set on its daily mission in favour of nature.
A wine is not only a product: it is life, emotion, narrative ... Wine is History as recounted through the senses!

4. Why should you buy from us?
- We can serving the specific needs of each market.
- Respect for the nature and the health of consumers: For us, respect for the Earth passes down through constant dialogue with its traditions: for this reason, we treasure the lessons that come to us from the history of each one of them, becoming custodians of ancient knowledge.
- Seriousness and Professionalism: Every commercial project is a commitment that binds us to our customers. In Tenute d’Italia the passion for wine meets the high specialization of each production phase.
- We can produce your private labels and packaging;
- Beyond own production, our wineries network covers all areas of Italy;
- Unbeatable value for money!

5. What services can we provide?
Labeling and Packaging project;
Language Spoken: English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Italian;
Internal analysis laboratory

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