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Product Description

"On this path we have opted to adopt a late or delayed harvest, that is the use of grapes harvested late with respect to the moment of perfect ripeness, to ensure that a greater concentration of sugars can develop inside the berries. This clearly allows not only an important sugar residue within the finished wine, but also the ability to develop a higher concentration of alcohol and thus confer warmth and further softness to the wine."

Tasting Notes
One of the most important qualities of the Cabernet Sauvignon grape is certainly its ability, regardless of the cultivation area, to give the wines produced by it the typical well-known organoleptic characteristics. These include the complex aromatic profile composed of a wonderful symphony of red fruits as well as plant and mineral notes.
Potente therefore offers itself as a derivation firmly rooted in its territory of origin, the Valle del Santerno, of the great
international wine making tradition of which Cabernet Sauvignon is undoubtedly one of the main protagonists.
The admixture between these two souls - international and regional - is, moreover, perfectly transmitted by the composition of the blend of Potente, in which, alongside the famous red grapes of Bordeaux origin, is placed a small percentage of the Uva del Tundé, an extraordinarily singular raw material, recently rediscovered thanks to the initiative of some producers in the Ravenna area.
Officially entered in the register of varieties suitable for winemaking in 2009, since 2010 the Uva del Tundé can also count on its own consortium of protection and enhancement.
Thanks to its particular organoleptic characteristics, the Uva del Tundé lends itself perfectly as a complementary grape for the creation of truly unique products, distinguished by intense and bright colours, a significant structure, and a particularly
pronounced and persistent aromatic profile.
The final touch is then conferred by aging in wood, which not only further enriches the olfactory bouquet and taste of Potente with precious tertiary notes, but also has a balancing effect, bringing softness to the remarkable freshness of this incredible Cabernet Sauvignon.


Product Type
Red wine
Medium Dry
Table Wine
Place of Origin
Producing Region
Brand Name
Alcohol Content (%)
Grape Type
Cabernet Sauvignon Tunde
Ageing Container
Barrique legno francese
Weight (kg)
Model Number
Sugar Residual
10-11 gr/lt.
Ageing Process
Refined in tonneaux up to 18 months
85% Cabernet Sauvignon
15% Tundè


Santerno Wines

Santerno Valley is a charming area of Italy situated between the Tuscan and Romagnol Hills, characterized by a rare, if not
unique, geological formation that makes it historically the land of choice for a flourishing agricultural tradition. To this land
the Santerno brand wants to pay homage, elevating and promoting its extraordinary singularity.
The first and most notable distinctive feature of this territory is the ability to identify two distinct belts of altitude and
climate: the mountainous area, characterized by a cooler and progressively less humid climate, and the hilly area, in which, thanks to the so-called phenomenon of thermal inversion, you can enjoy even milder climatic conditions than in the plains below.
But the Santerno Valley hides a second, and perhaps more important secret: a real, true treasure nestled in the heart of the earth from which radiates all the magic of the perfumes and flavours of the fruits of this land.
Almost 25 km long with an average width of 1½ km, the Gypsum Vein of Romagna) is certainly the most distinctive geological feature of the valley, so much so that it aroused the interest of scholars as far back as the 16th century. It is the only geological formation in Europe that is composed entirely of gypsum, and whose formation dates back to a good 6 million years ago, during the era known as the Messinian Age. During this period there was a cyclic lowering of the level of the Mediterranean Sea, which was followed by a phenomenon of hypersalinity and the tendency to dry out, so as to form brackish pools in which are concentrated large quantities of salts, mainly gypsum and chlorides. This phenomenon occurred more than 15 times, from which derive the same number of strata of gypsum that make up the Vena - separated from each other by thin layers of clay and still easily recognizable.
The peculiarity of the Vena, however, does not end with its mineral composition.
Walking along the outcrops of gypsum, we encounter both large and small closed depressions: they are the Blind Valleys (or sinkholes) which represent the most characteristic elements of the karstic landscape of the Vena del Gesso.
Thanks to their presence, the surface water is drained and conveyed deep down, where it feeds numerous underground streams that flow along tunnels, shafts and other underground environments before it re-emerges as a karst valley spring. This then is an outline of an important subterranean aquatic complex. Its boundaries have not yet been defined with certainty but it is presumed to extend for several kilometres.
But that’s not all. Among the geological features of the Valle del Santerno the so-called "terreni lacunosi" (ie subject to
landslides) or "scaly clay" should certainly be remembered. These are the oldest of the gypsum-sulphurous formations of the Vena, formed from what remains, after a long journey in space and time, of the ancient ocean bed that stretched out over the area where Liguria and Piemonte are now situated. Some of these large clay tongues can be spotted interspersed within the marl-sandstone formation, the oldest native geological formation that emerges in the Valley.
Following the Mediterranean ecological crisis caused by the detachment of the entire sea and from which the Vena del Gesso emerged, in later geologic times, a second phase of clay sedimentation followed. It is the time of the formation of the so-called Blue Clay (tufo) that covers over a third of the current surface of the Italian Peninsular and the subsoil of the whole Po Valley Plain.
Thanks to this extraordinary geological history, the lands of the Santerno Valley have always offered not only an excellent
general fertility, but also a wonderful variety of combinations of its different characteristics. Altitude, exposure, formation and irrigation of the soil vary in different degrees within a very short distance, composing innumerable chords that, although in harmony, stand out for their individuality.
On the extraordinary manuscript offered by this land, agriculture has developed over the centuries as a sensational symphony that reaches its most brilliant trebles in the specific sector of viniculture.
Undisputed star of the rural tradition of the Santerno Valley, wine is in fact the product that perhaps best represents the
complex nature of this land, making it fully available to the senses of those who contemplate it.
In a perfect balance between tradition and the future, the Santerno Valley offers an extraordinary varietal choice, embellished by the co-presence of native vines - including the king Sangiovese and the queen Albana - and international grapes - such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay – which find here their most brilliant declination in a traditional key.

Company Profile


1. Who are we?
A team of professionals specialized in every wines sector.
Production plans and commercial strategies are developed by a team of professionals specialized in each individual sector. Tenute d’Italia makes professionalism one of the key points of its organization, investing since its inception in highly qualified figures for the management and development of each individual sector.
Years of work have allowed us to perfect a double level of management of the production chain - consisting of direct management by a specialized professional of each specific processing phase to which is added a collaborative work that guarantees constant dialogue between sectors - but at the same time, the important evolution that Tenute d’Italia has managed to achieve in its organization has increasingly favoured the involvement of new professional figures capable of providing additional impetus and quality to the network’s work.

To the pool of technicians responsible for supervising the wine production process has been gradually added an increasingly large team of specialists in the management of all administrative, logistical and legal aspects in support of our network. Similarly, increasing attention has been paid to the search and selection of external collaborators with whom to develop profitable communication and marketing plans.

Keeping a constantly updated eye on the latest technical and regulatory innovations in each field of interest, this team certainly represents one of the most precious resources shared by a network strongly oriented to enhance the humanity that lies behind each great wine.

2. how can we Guarantee Quality?
Complete and guaranteed control on every bottle.
Tenute d’Italia guarantees complete control of the whole production chain of each bottle marketed. The Italian wine system is subject to constant, rigid supervision by numerous institutions - national and regional - to which each company must constantly refer in every phase of its work, from the vineyard to the bottling, and right up to the marketing of the bottles.
The recent conversion the entire information exchange system between producers and controllers to a completely dematerialized system - an operation that sees Italy play a pioneering role in Europe - has also allowed a significant improvement of this control system, providing consumers of Italian wines all over the world a clear increase in the guarantees on the quality of the product purchased.
Tenute d’Italia has progressively grafted onto this structure of law a further, more complex, auto-control system to perfect the management of the traceability of its products so as to guarantee not only the specific origin - showing almost the entire development from the individual bunch to the bottle - but also the precise evolution through the scientific evidence of the recurrent tests carried out in the internal analysis laboratory, the crown jewel of our network.
Always final Inspection before shipment.

3.What can you buy from us?
A soul as green as our vines.
Our attention to the environment and the health of our customers is more than a service: it is a mission for which we passionately renew our commitment every day. We believe that wine is one of the highest expressions of the interaction between man and nature. To honor this special bond, we commit ourselves every day to developing an increasingly attentive production approach to safeguard the environment and the health of consumers.
From the defense and nutrition protocols of the vineyard to the cellar operations, Tenute d’Italia constantly strives, through in-depth research, to develop innovative processing techniques that guarantee the maximum healthfulness of the raw material and, consequently, of the finished products.
This approach, faithfully applied within the so-called traditional agriculture, has provided the perfect basis for the development of an increasing interest in organic and biodynamic production techniques, in the profound belief that they represent not only a marketing tool but much more: a veritable seal that our network has set on its daily mission in favour of nature.
A wine is not only a product: it is life, emotion, narrative ... Wine is History as recounted through the senses!

4. Why should you buy from us?
- We can serving the specific needs of each market.
- Respect for the nature and the health of consumers: For us, respect for the Earth passes down through constant dialogue with its traditions: for this reason, we treasure the lessons that come to us from the history of each one of them, becoming custodians of ancient knowledge.
- Seriousness and Professionalism: Every commercial project is a commitment that binds us to our customers. In Tenute d’Italia the passion for wine meets the high specialization of each production phase.
- We can produce your private labels and packaging;
- Beyond own production, our wineries network covers all areas of Italy;
- Unbeatable value for money!

5. What services can we provide?
Labeling and Packaging project;
Language Spoken: English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Italian;
Internal analysis laboratory

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