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48v12Ah lithium battery and 350W power bicycle bike three seats parent-child electric bicycle

Product Information

We hope that electric bicycles can change the way people travel, reduce exhaust emissions,and make the planet a better place.At the same time, we also hope to provide a solution for citizens in urban traffic jams.
Riding an electric bike will help you flow unimpeded in crowded cities and give you a good mood every morning.
Our parent-child 2-wheel 3-seater electric bicycle is the best choice for compact, zero-emissions, specially designed for
parent-child, especially suitable for families with children and pets .Our electric bicycle has efficient braking to ensure safe
driving, long last super quality batteries, front and rear shock absorption, stable and comfortable, equipped with LED headlights, detachable battery box, can easily cross slopes.Many color can be choosed .Welcome to inquiry and we will do our best to meet your needs.

48V 12Ah
Power Supply
Lithium battery
Tire Size
Frame Material
Carbon Steel
Maximum Speed
Mileage Per Charge
> 60 Km
Place Of Origin
China Shandong
Light blue / shiny black/Dumb rose gold / shiny dumb black/Nano powder / shiny dumb black/Mint green / shiny dumb black
Front and rear iron wheel 14 * 2.5 vacuum tire
Front drum brake, rear rising brake
General shock front fork

Product Display

1.The body is made of high-quality materials, durable, automobile-grade vacuum tires, suitable for various road conditions
2.The rear follow-up brake has stable braking performance, anti-theft, dustproof and convenient unlocking while avoiding the attack of silt and rainwater, which is safe and durable.
3.48v brushless silent and waterproof digital motor, ultra-quiet, stable power output, sufficient power and long battery life.
4.The widened shock-absorbing front fork and the shock-absorbing after damping will bring you a comfortable driving experience under different road conditions.
5.battery with box is removable
6.Adding small safe seat for children

Product details

Packing &Delivery


Shandong Qingyi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. firmly grasp the direction of low-carbon economy and green development, to takes the strategic goal of building a first-class new energy enterprise in China.We promote the spirit of harmony, innovation, and excellence, devotes itself to clean energy, improves the power supply structure, and fulfills social responsibilities. We are a multi-field, large-scale and strong new energy company and continue to show its unique charm and style, serve the country with industry, return society with value, base the market with reputation, gallop the future with strength, and go hand in hand with all sectors of society. Create brilliant!
In the rapid development, the company's management has researched and explored a set of management models that combine specialization and regionalization with the highest efficiency, the lowest cost, and the best benefits. That is, the professional measures that run through the early stage of R&D , production, to the operation and sales and the later evaluation and feedback links, and give full play to the use efficiency and role of human resources, mechanical resources, and spare parts resources. The regional management model of marketing public relations and operation and maintenance management has formed a certain degree The advantages.
In recent years, the company has developed rapidly. In 2020, the company has an annual output value of 200 million yuan. It will produce more than 300,000 electric bicycles and electric scooters, a year-on-year increase of 26%. There are more than 200 production teams, 18 R&D teams, 30 sales teams, and management teams. 8 people, in the development process of the new era, will be deployed globally, relying on Ali International Station to realize our company's global buying and selling.


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