OC-XYX-3 буровые машины для бурения водяных скважин/Буровая установка для бурения скважин/портативная буровая установка для бурения скважин

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OC-XYX-3 Tractor Type Water Well Drilling Machines /Well Borer / Portable Borehole Core Drilling Machine Water Well Drilling RigXYX-3 core drilling rig.jpg

Product Description

Brief Introduction of  Core Drilling Rig:

OC-XY-3 series drilling rig is a shallow/medium depth hole spindle type core drilling rig. The machine is mainly used for diamond drilling and able to meet the needs of various drilling technology requests.

It adopts electric motor or diesel engine as power unit.

The rig owns simple structure and is easy to operate.

XYX-3 drilling rig2
Main Features of Core Drilling Rig:
The rig is equipped with latest MW525 heavy truck transmission, which owns 10 forward gears and 2 reverse gears. The transmission ensures enough reasonable speed range, and can satisfy needs of different drilling technology.

2.The rig’s spindle inner diameter is 96mm,driven by mechanical system, can output big torque. The winch can lift max.3000kg with single line.

3.Hydraulic system controls the feeding pressure and speed of the spindle. The machine is equipped with pressure meter so that the workers can grasp hole situation.

XYX-3 drilling rig4

Advantage of Core Drilling Rig:

1.To satisfy customersspecial requirement, we design below new models based on OC-XY-3 original drilling rig OC-XYX-3 trailer-mounted drilling rig, OC-XYD-3 crawler-mounted self-propelled drilling rig(options: steel crawler and rubber crawler) and OC-XYC-3 truck-mounted drilling rig.

2.The machine can also adapt 1.5m high hydraulic cylinder jacks that can load & unload machine from truck.

3.Hydraulic drill mast saves the workerslabor and improves the working efficiency.

 XYX-3 drilling rig5


Technical Parameters of Core Drilling Rig
Whole machine technical parameters      Model


Drilling depth(m)600600600
Open hole diameter(mm)325325325
End hole diameter(mm)757575
Drill rod diameter(mm)42-6042-6042-60
Drill angle(°)90-7590-7590-75
Matching power(kw)YN27/39YN33GBZ/65YN27/39
Weight without power(kg) 180062003600
SpindleSpeed(r/min) 32-1057


WinchMax pull force(kg)300045003000
Pull speed(m/s)0.3-1.90.3-1.90.3-1.9
Rope diameter(mm)φ12.5φ12.5φ12.5
Roll capacity(m)656565
Drill MastRated load(ton)18(Optional)1818


 XY-3 drilling rig.pngXYX-3 drilling rig.pngXYX-3 drilling rig7.jpgdrill pipe.jpg


 drilling rig construction





1.Better Material:

 We choose better materials in the market to produce, improve the quality from the source, for your escort along the way.

2.Fine Workmanship:

We have standardized production process, strict supervision mechanism and constantly updated product technology.

3.Quality Guarantee:

Before leaving the factory, our products are strictly tested and the quality of each product is guaranteed.

4.Rest Assured After-sales:

We are a large manufacturer, there are specialized after sales and maintenance personnel, can reduce the customer's concern, welcome the customer to visit the factory to discuss.

Production Facility

Related Production Facility(clink on the image below to see more):

HZ-200YY core drill rigOC-HZ-200YY hydraulic core drilling rigXYD-3 core drill rig1.jpgOC-XYD-3 crawler core drilling rigXY-3 drilling.pngOC-XY-3 core drilling rig

Company Information

Company Profile1Company Information:

Henan Ocean Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd., an ISO9001 certified and High-tech Enterprise established more than 10 years ago, is a professional manufacturer specialized in R&D, production and sales of Mechanical Equipment products such as Snack Food Processing Machine, Fruit and Vegetable Machine, Food & Packaging Machine, Water Well Drilling Rig and Poultry Equivalents, etc., which are widely sold worldwide and we have been recognized by our customers year after year. 



drilling rig workshop.jpg

Team and CustomerTransaction Details2




Packaging & Shipping

Packaging & Shipping:XYX-3 drilling rig6.jpg


Question 1: What are your advantages compared with your competitors?


With rich industry experience and strict Product Quality Control systems, we provide:

1). Stable and reliable product at reasonable price

2). Good customer service: Fast response to any inquiry or question

3). On-time delivery.


 Question 2: Can you customize the machine for me ?

Answer: Yes, we can customize according to customer's requirements.


Question 3: What shall we do if  breakdown occurs?

Answer: Please informed us once the breakdown occurs. During warranty period, if breakdown occurs, we shall respond in time after receiving the notification of the buyer.  We shall handle failure over the telephone/ fax or arrange relevant personnel to the site according to the buyer’s requirements.


After-sale Service

After-sale Service:

1. Warranty

All the products have one year guarantee. 

2. Training

We provide training to make sure every customer can install and operate the machines.

3. Spare parts.

We provide all spare parts for all machines in lifetime use.

4. Standby Service

We are always ready to help. Just let us know whenever you have questions or problems.

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