Высококачественная пшеничная мука для выпечки высшего класса, хлебная мука

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Product Description

High quality wheat flour for baking top grade, bread flour

Baking wheat flour, highest grade
The most refined flour, which is prepared exclusively from well-peeled grains. This flour is characterized by a low gluten content, as well as a large amount of starch. Externally, it is distinguished by a white color with a slight milky hue. Often used in cooking, as the pastry turns out to be lush and porous.
Grade: Top Grade
Color: White
Taste: inherent to a wheat flour Smell: inherent to a wheat flour
Humidity: 14.7%
Ash content:0,55%
Gluten: 28%
Gluten deformation Index : 70
Drop number: 280 s.

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Packaging & Shipping

Packaging DetailsPolypropylene bag
Unit TypeTons
MOQfrom 20 tons
PortSt. Petersburg (Russia), Aktau (Kazakhstan)

Our Company

Profit LLC

Our company has been operating in the agricultural market since 1999, providing customers with high-quality agricultural products and processed products.
Geographically we are located in RUSSIA, in the vast expanses of Siberia (in the Omsk and Novosibirsk regions). The company is dynamic, open to new contacts and offers, is focused on high quality and customer needs from the very beginning of its existence. At the same time, we are always honest with our customers - we should not sell customers something that we would not buy ourselves.
For many years of successful activity the company has gained a reputation as a reliable supplier. The main focus of our activities is a quality, environmental friendliness and meeting the high needs of our customers.
The company constantly carries out production, processing, purchase and sale of grain crops, production and sale of flour, services in storage and part-time processing of grain and oilseed crops. All enterprises have implemented a system of production control, including production and technical laboratories. All of our products are certified in accordance with the Russian quality standards of the Eurasian and Customs Unions.
The products are produced under the brand names: "Kormilka" and "Kormitte" (flour).
Today the company brings together companies of different profiles: flour milling, meat and dairy cattle breeding, crop production, trade, part-time work, storage and sale of grain and oilseeds.
The company includes in its composition:
Mill complex of 80 tons per day, producing flour of all varieties, semolina, bran.
An agricultural enterprise with 10,000 hectares of farmland, including a meat and dairy farm for 1,000 heads and crop production. We grow such crops as: wheat, barley, peas, lentils, flax, rapeseed, oats.
Two elevators with a total storage capacity of 54,000 tons of grain and oilseeds. There is a private railway journey. The shipment of grain is carried out both on the vehicle and railway transportation (containers and wagons).
Partners from many countries have already become clients of our company: Mongolia, China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, North Korea, Turkey, Egypt, EU countries.
We treat our clients with mutual respect, do everything to make them work with us comfortably, and appreciate the positive relations of each client.
Our Company is grateful to the client for the fact that he turned to us and we try to make our clients become our friends.


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