Квадратная прозрачная пластина из кварцевого стекла uvc толщиной 3 мм для

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Product Description

1.high temperature resistant:
Quartz plate/round quartz disc/quartz sight glass discperating temperature is 1200℃ to 1500℃.The softening temperature is 1650°C
,and the melting temperature is
2.Corrosion resistant, Except hydrofluoric acid, quartz glass disc do not react with any acid and base except hydrofluoric acid
.the stability is 30 times of the ceramic,and 150 times of stainless steel .

3.High transmission is 85%-90% for UV-light.

4.Polished surfaces 80/50, 60/40 quality,Clear and clean apperances

5.Electric insulation ,it is 10000 times of usual glass.


quartz products :
Coefficient of thermal expansion
Bending Strength
light transmission for UV light
Tensile Strength
The temperature for a short time
Poisson's Ratio

The temperature for a long time
Elastic Modulus

Shearing Modulus
Dielectric Strength
Moths Hardness
5.3~6.5(Moths Scale)
Dielectric Constant
Deformation Point
Dielectric absorption coefficient
Specific Heat(20~350°C)
670J/kg °C
Dielectric loss coefficient
Thermal Conductivity(20 °C )
1.4W/m °C
Typical Mechanical of Quartz Optical Flat Or Optic Quartz Glass Plate Quartz

Packing & Delivery

How to pack quartz plate/round quartz disc/quartz sight glass
1.plastic air cushion film
2.foam material
3.paper carton
4.wooden case

Delivery Quartz Optical Flat Or Optic Quartz Glass Plate Quartz within 1-7days after the payments by sea or by air,usually
EMS,Fedex,DHL,UPS. and so on.

Company Profile

Qingdao Hongya Glass Factory is one of the main professional
manufacturer of quartz products in China, since 2000 year, with experience
and history of 14 years.

Our Main products:
1. Ordinary Quartz products: Quartz plate, Quartz tubing, Quartz rod,quartz sight galss
2. SIO2 Sputtering Targets : Quartz Grain, Quartz Wafer, Quartz Disc, Quartz Panel,
Quartz glass Plate, Quartz Ring, Quartz Block
3. CNC High Precision CNC Quartz Parts: With the help of CNC design and software control,
we are able to fabricate the High Precision Quartz Optical Glass Parts especially when doing Arc,
Slope, Slots, Sphere, Hole
4.Thermal Processing Quartz Products : Quartz Beaker, Quartz Tube, Quartz Cuvette, Evaporator, Quartz Distiller, Quartz Tunnel
5. Optical Window: Quartz High windows,Quartz ultra-thin window, Quartz large window, Quartz prism, lens, Quartz cylindrical lens
6. Quartz capillary tube and quartz glass rods
7.Crystal singing bowl with size of 6" to 20"

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