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Product Description

Enamel Board for teach/office double sides writing enamel whiteboard

Applications &Features



When there is no space on the wall,the mobile double sides writing enamel whiteboard  is a good solution.It can be rotated 360 degrees, the angle can be fixed at will, and the writing is comfortable.

The mobile double sides writing enamel whiteboard uses enamel plates on both sides.It can be tested with a knife.

The mobile double sides writing enamel whiteboard acts as an interactive teaching board and can be projected.

It can not only write but also projectable.
It is a good helper for meetings, classrooms, and offices.


There are three general specifications:120*90cm、150*120cm、180*120cm


Rotary handle
Rotate the whiteboard by loosening the handle

Steel bracket
Place all kinds of whiteboard accessories

Lockable wheel
When you need to move, unlock the wheel and move around at will.

Our service

Quality:1.We can design and produce new products for customers. 2.Specialized technician and inspector guarantee the product quality. We can insure all the goods before delivery have a perfect condition.
3.At the same time, our customer service team will offer professional suggestions and good after sale service.

Price: 1. As for the advantage of manufacturer, we can provide you a nice price.
2. We can trade through Alibaba. There is a trade assurance.
If you come to visit our factory,we will arrange a good place for you to live.

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