Аппарат для термообработки металла, аппарат для обмотки катушек медной проволоки, аппарат для отжига, Портативный индукционный нагревательный аппарат

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Metal heat treatment machine copper wire coil winding machine annealer portable induction heating machine

We have different types of induction heating equipment with different functions. Handheld, portable, medium frequency high frequency induction heating machines, vertical CNC hardening machine tools, which are widely used in brazing, quenching, annealing, forging, melting, and hot fittings.
The machine is simple in structure, light in weight, easy to operate
Multiple display functions can display information such as over current, over voltage, water failure, lack of phase, unqualified, etc., which can protect the machine from damage and is easy to repair.
The shape and size of the induction coil are different and can be easily changed to heat different parts

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