Карт с педалью для взрослых с двумя сидениями и четырьмя колесами для велосипеда

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Описание и отзывы



Package size :1200*1050*360cm


Music/light: none


Vehicle size: 1470 * 1200*750MM


Applicable age: adult


Load: 200 kg


Gross weight: 40 kg


B. product features:


This product features lifelike modeling, simple structure, easy assembly, convenient operation and dexterous function.


This car is a new type of parent-child adult pedal karting car, which is developed and produced by our company according to years of marketing experience and opinions put forward by customers.


The 3 tires are pneumatic, which are stronger and more durable than plastic tires.


4 plastic seats, seats can be adjusted 10-20 cm forward and backward (previous karts can only adjust 4 cm, some can not adjust)


The rear axle of the tire has bearing. Easier to use, less effort.


Simple assembly, just a few screws, sleeve can be.


7 the middle adopts the bicycle axle transmission design, with the chain tension wheel, especially suitable for those customers who rent.


All quality steel tube frame, bearing better


9 handbrake design,


10 manufacturers direct sale after sale without worry!!!!

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