Современная матовая алюминиевая уличная мебель для заднего двора на крыше, синтетические садовые стулья для внутреннего дворика, набор диванов

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Products Description

Product Collection
Sofa Style
Roof Top Modern Backyard Brushed Aluminum Outdoor Furniture Synthetic Patio Garden Table Chairs Sofa Set

Fire Pit
Fire glass, Glass wind guard,
Protective cover
Fuel Type
Propane Gas
Gas Bottle
20 LB

·Creating warm atmosphere
·Industrial style
·Ambient and cozy
·All-weather and durable

Powder coating aluminum,
Tiger Elegant Champagne color
Table Top
1.Beige Marble
2. Fire pit plate: D500 with 304 SS


Open-cell foam
Brushed aluminum, champagne color

·Outdoor living space and lifestyle: ambient
·Industrial style
·Water reppellent and all-weather
·Stylish colors and unique design
·Sofa and firepit are born matched
·Fire retardant BS5852 standard
·Water drained in 2 hours for open cell foam


Q: What does MUETLI stand for?

MUETLI stands for leisure in comfort, refreshing and cheerful, three major elements of state and feeling we want to bring to our end-users, i.e. people in their workplace. We are specialized in outdoor sofa space and atmosphere, providing outdoor living solutions to business function layout esp. workplace.

Q: Why does MUETLI introduce outdoor furniture into workplace?

A: Nowadays, people get loads of pressure and stress from work, deadlines, budgets and goals with scenarios of fast-pace, efficiency and effectiveness, accuracy and accomplishments. We are dedicated to helping employers have more effective manpower and more accountable results as well as helping employees have more refreshed and cheerful moments to make the workplace a better place to stay. How? Simply by putting MUETLI outdoor sofa and its accessories including but not limited to lanterns, swings, fire pits, carpets, poofs and pergolas. Just imagine you are working in an outdoor space with al fresco atmosphere.

Q: What canMUETLI offer for workplace occasions?

A: Out of all areas of typical workplace, we prioritize 4 as MUETLI’s target ones: lobby, roof top, CEO’s office and break room.We can offer full collection of products for each occasion: ranging from sofa set, all the way to bar set, dining set, pergola, fire pit, lantern, swing and poofs. All products meet European quality standards with our proven expertise by certified by CE, FSC and BS5851 etc.

Q: Why does MUETLI take Germany and the United Kingdom as major markets?

A: According to our analysis based on data and statics, we conclude that both Germany and the United Kingdom are comparatively speaking more mature and more stringent in many industries. With these two countries as “pilot countries”, we can serve customers from other European countries much more efficiently and more effectively.

Q: How does MUETLI make customers satisfied?

A: We MUETLI see two groups as our customers: people who buy and people who use. How can we make them both happy? Creative products and considerate service will do! Each year, we generate 8-10 new designs to facilitate our retail/chain store customers enrich their collections on the floor or in their internet shops. We provide full package of branding and marketing materials to enable our customers promote new products and serve their customers better. While as far as end-users, each single piece of MUETLI is born to meet their expectations: not only design wise but also quality, detail and craftsmanship wise.

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