HOTRC HT-6A 2,4G 6CH передатчика радиоуправляемой модели 6CH приемник дистанционного управления для FPV Дрон RC самолет пульт ДУ для дистанционно управляемой машины лодки

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Product Description

Speciflcations Model type :Model airplane/Drone/Car/boat Channels : 6CH RF Range: 2.4Ghz ISM(2.4005-2.483.5GHz) RF Power: <100mW Modulation: GFSK Spread spectrum: FHSS Reaction speed: PWM <20ms SBUS:<6.8ms RF Distance: Ground 400M Aerial:800M Receive sensitivity : <-97dbm Transmitter voltage : DC 4.5V Receiver voltage: DC 4.5V-6V Weight : 310g Certificate :CE0678 FCCID Receiver: ( send as your choice) RX1: 6 channel Receiver RX2: SBUS Receiver RX3: Flight Control Receiver
Pls kindly note the default mode is left hand throttle, if you need right hand, pls leave us order remark or message.


Product Name

HOTRC HT-6A 2.4G 6CH RC Transmitter Receiver







Boot step
Please follow the steps below to boot:
1.Connect the accessories correctly: The transmitter battery is powered and installed correctly
.The receiver is not powered and the channel interface is installed correctly
. The transmitter and receiver have beensuccessfully matched to the code.
2.Turn on the transmitter.
3.Turn on the receiver power and the receiver LED is always on.
4.Boot is complete.
Code step:
The transmitter and receiver are not matched to the code before leaving the factory.Please follow the steps below before using the code:
1.Turn off the transmitter.
2.Insert the code line correctly into the receiver "BING" interface.
3.Insert the ESC signal line correctly into the “CH3” channel, and the receiver LED will flash.
4.First adjust the transmitter throttle stick to thelowest position, turn on the transmitter power switch, and the receiver LED
will go out.
5.Unplug the code line. At this time, the receiver LED will be on constantly, indicating that the code is successful.
Receiver LED status:
Blinking : Indicates that power is on, no signal, no match.
Steady on: The match is successful.
Shutdown step
1.Disconnect the receiver from the powersupply
2.Turn off the transmitter.
Note: Before turning off, be sure to disconnect the receiver and then turn off the transmitter.If the transmitter is forcibly
turned off first, it may cause the equipment get out of control or cause accidents as the engine continue to work.
Matters needing attention:
When the transmitter emits a beep alarm sound and the indicator flashes, it means the
transmitter.If the power is insufficient, please replace the battery immediately
When the transmitter emits a"Bi Bi" alarm soundand the indicator light flashes, it indicates that the transmissionThe battery is low, please replace the battery immediately.

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