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Cocoa is made up of lots of beans uniform color and dimension. Up to 10% of the beans have a deviating weight of more than 1/3 or more less of the average weight of the beans.

Bean count : 95-105 Max/100g

It does not contain more than:

- 2% of moldy beans

- 2% slaty beans

- 2% of beans with other defects

Cocoa bean is mainly used to process various chocolate products, and is used in candies, beverage and baked food. It is normally

1.type: cocoa bean

2.processing type: sun dried

3.maturity: mature

4.beans count: 91 to 99 beans/kg2.jpg3.jpg

6.broken/defective: 0.7% - 0.8% maximum

25 kg and 50 kg bags.

Packing also as customer requires.

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