Отдельно стоящая Изолированная стеклянная веранда Sunroom панели крыши Sun Room

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Production Description

Aluminum curtain wall
1. When designing aluminum doors and windows, our company's designers choose the standard window type as much as possible according to the different needs of the project, so as to facilitate the design, production, construction, and reduce the product cost. 
2.At the same time, the design of the window type should consider different regions, environments, and Building types, and meet the physical performance requirements of the door and window wind pressure resistance, water tightness, airtightness, and insulation performance.

Soundproof system
waterproof system
Thermal break system

Windproof system
Sealing system
security system

Color Be Customized

Company Profile

     Wanjia Hiseng Building Material Co., Ltd has years of experience in manufacturing, quality control and trade. With 20,000 square meter factory, and 100 workers , we have learnt how to do a good quality windows and doors. 
     Our main product is aluminium window, aluminium door, UPVC window, UPVC door, Aluminium Curtain Wall.
After exporting many windows and doors to international customers Like South Africa, South America. Middle East, and Africa,we have learn t how to assist customers to design , manufacture and install windows and doors for their house, hotel, hospital,office, villa, factory, super market school, and Airport With advanced importing equipment, our product meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in ISO 9001, BV, TUV, SGS Australia AS 2047 and European CE certification guidelines and our stringent quality control system. 
    After sales, We will always provide you good service, like how to fix hardware and how to install windows and doors. We will gladly evaluate your needs and recommend the system that is best for your requirements. We can solve all the problems of your doors and windows in one stop. From beginning to end, we look to respect our clients by assisting in a courteous, professional manner.
      In one word , more experience, more professional, better quality, competitive price, and durable service.

Production Process

Application Field

Folding doors have a wide range of
application scenarios. They can not only be used on the balcony, but also can be used with living room or bedroom, and bathroom. It can be designed not only as an inner door, but also as an outer door.The entire folding door design has a lot of Good dust proof, heat and sound insulation effect.

Casement doors have good sealing performance: sound insulation,heat insulation, waterproof, sand-proof performance;security and theft: hardware has good load-bearing effect, good anti-pry performance, suitable for use in toilets, entrance doors,etc.

Sliding doors has a simple and beautiful appearance and good decorative effect; it can be translated from left and right to save space; the operation is simple and easy to use, suitable for use in partitions, kitchens, balconies, restaurants, etc.

Sliding windows do not take up indoor space, easy to operate,beautiful appearance, good safety factor, suitable for kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc.

Casement windows have a large opening area,good ventilation, good air-tightness, excellent sound insulation,heat preservation, and impermeability,suitable for bedrooms, study rooms,bathrooms,balconies,etc.

Sun room not only has good safety and appearance, but also can prevent wind and rain, suitable for gardens, balconies,swimming
pools, etc.

Curtain wall has the functions of heat insulation, sound insulation and waterproof, suitable for shopping malls, hotels, public decoration, home decoration, etc.


Our Customers

Montreal case
Uganda Hotel Case
American villa case

Uganda Hotel Case
Oman Apartment Case
Los Angeles case

Order Flow

Please feel free to contact
us at any time.
Please send us an order form.
Please pay the deposit first and we will arrange the production.

Shipped within 30 days from your order.
Final Payment
Please pay the balance before shipment.
We will produce according to customer requirements


Q1:Are there any problems with the glass inside?Having steam or going foggy?

A: Usually,we use 5mm+6A+5mm double glass,you can take easy,Our double glass is made professionally, no steam or going foggy between the double glass. 

Q2:All these doors and windows come with frames to mount on walls?
A:Yes,all the doors & windows include frames,Installing the windows and doors on wall is OK. 

Q3:The glass is broken with no reason,I’m afraid the rest will be broken. 
A:The glass would be broken only because suffering from the impact force,but it won’t break itself. 

Q4:What type of fly screen you could supply?
A:We have three styles of fly screen.One is roller style for casement window,one is sliding style for sliding window and door,and the last one is folding style for casement door.Besides,the fly screen is made of 3 different materials,namely nylon,steel and Kingkong net.

Q5: PVC and aluminum, which is better? 
A: It's hard to simply say one is better. Each one has its advantages. PVC is good at insulation and more economic. Aluminum is better in hardness and security.

Q6: What kinds of packing do you have? 
A: There are three kinds of packing, such as bubble bag, bubble bag + wooden frame,
bubble bag + wooden case. If full container, we advise to use bubble bag. it can save more space and hold more goods in the same container. Usually, the packing is bubble bag + wooden frame. The best packing is bubble bag + wooden case, some bulk cargo and some developed countries, such as USA Australia and some countries in Europe,need wooden case packing,because their special requirement and wooden case can protect the goods very well.

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