Сетевой стабилизатор напряжения 48 в пост. Тока

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48VDC rj45 ethernet surge protector poe lightning arrester for poe network protection


SPD parameter.jpg

Surge Protection Devices Type


Protective range

Power supply


Working Voltage (Un)



Rated Current850MA 

Transmission rate(bps)



Nominal Discharge Current (8/20μs) (In)


Max. Discharge Current (8/20μs) (Imax.)


Insertion Loss



Voltage Protection Level( Up)



Surge Protection Devices Response Time1ns1ns

Interface Model


Protected Core


1-8 lines

Working Environment

Temperature -25°C +70°C;Relative humidity<90%;

Shell MaterialAluminium Alloy

Surge Protection Devices Dimension(L×W×H)


Surge Protection Devices Net Weight



Application:  This POE surge protection device is applied to the lightning surge protection for power and network cord of monitoring system  front-end network camera and wireless remote control camera.


poe surge protector (1).jpgpoe surge protector (2).jpgKLF-POE-D.6.jpgKLF-POE-D.1 (1).2.jpg

packing and delivery.jpg


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Company Information

Why Choose US:

Established in 2004,KLF has over 14 years history of SPD manufactory experience,now as a professional and experienced surge protector factory,we could provide you competitive price with super quality products and satisfied service.KLF is with over 10 production lines,12 research staff,5 sets of SPD testing machines,20 specialized salesmen and reliable after-sale service department,we could provide you best shopping experience.There are 3 main kinds of SPD products produced,ie:Power Surge Protectot,Signal Surge Protector and CCTV Surge Protector.

KLF SPD catalaog 2019-1KLF SPD catalaog 2019-2


Full range of SPD products which has CE, RoHS,TUV certification.The company implements ISO9001 quality mangement system.




KLF has developed a wide range of products,cover in the area of low voltage lightning protection, such as SPD for power system,signal system,PV system and so on. All these products have been widely applied in electronic system, computer network and security system, protection for power industry, petroleum chemical industry and national defense industry.


workshop with machines.jpg-_05.jpg-_06.jpg-_03.jpg-_11.jpg



1.What kind of damage caused by lightning? 

Lightning strikes the ground over 25 million times each year. It exceeds one hundred million volts and brings catastrophic damage to whatever it hits. Thousands of houses burn down, and millions of machines break down every year due to lightning strikes, which cased loss more than billions of dollars, even life lost.

If we get use of surge protector, we could keep lightning away, life and dollars save.


2.Does surge protection devices attract lightning? 

Lightning protection does not attract or repel lightning. Like water in a pipe, it provides it a safe path to ground and away from your home, family and expensive electronics. 


3. Can I get a sample before the order because I really don't know your surge protection devices quality?

Of course!

We also think sample order is the best way to build the trust.


4. I am not familiar with surge protection devices, so I need your technical service and best quote which could help me to finish my project.


Our R&D team is experienced, we have helped many customers to finish their projects.

So just tell us your requirements, then everything we will solve perfectly for you.


5. How about delivery time of surge protection devices?

 For sample order 1-2days, and for batch order of standard SPD we promise delivery in 7- 15days.


6. How's the warranty time of surge protection devices?

We provide 5years warranty for our surge protection devices.

What’s more, in the first year, any failed products caused by quality problem will be replaced by us freely, also cost on us.

And in the warrany time, we provide maintenance-free service.


                                                                                      Thank you for your time!

                                                 Now we are looking for distributors all over the world.

                                                                     Pls feel free to find us for more details.

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