Цифровой гигрометр часы/Погодная станция с Htc-1 Led большой экран цифровой электронный

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Product Name:
HTC-1 Electronic thermometer hygrometer
Brand Name:
7 Pieces
For Free
Individual Package
125 g
Packing Customization:
OPP Pack:1/2/5/10/50/100 pcs each Pack
Plastic Box or Can:50/60/70/80/100/150/200 pcs each Pack
We can also customize other packaging.

Large-screen high-precision electronic thermometers and hygrometers for households and indoors. HTC-1 model. It will remind us whether the room needs to be humidified or dehumidified.

The 3.8-inch LCD screen has 3 buttons on the lower right to adjust the value. The Mode key can switch the time and set the year. ADJ key adjusts the value. The MEMORY key displays or clearly memorizes the humidity temperature value.

Two display modes, which can be placed on the desktop or hung on the wall. There are hanging holes on the back, which can be hung on the wall. There is also a support frame, which can be placed on the table.

The outer packaging size is 127*171*34mm. The net weight of the product is 100g (excluding batteries). The measurement units are Celsius and Fahrenheit, and there is a button to switch. The storage environment should be between -20℃ ~60℃ .

Warm reminder, our store does not provide batteries, because it is difficult to transport products with batteries. Please prepare ordinary carbon batteries by yourself, please do not use alkaline batteries. If you need batteries, please contact our customer staff to discuss in detail.

This product has a temperature error within 2 to 3 degrees Celsius and a humidity error within 10%, which is normal. Please think twice before you act. According to feedback from our old customers, electronic thermometers and hygrometers are relatively more accurate than mechanical ones. Usually enough for daily life!

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Q:Is this eyelash brush disposable?
A:This eyelash brush is not only used once, but can be used repeatedly. Because grafted false eyelashes are often used to change products, in order to ensure the customer's experience, it is recommended to replace after one use.

Q:Can we order samples before placing an order?
A:Of course, we provide samples for free, but you need to pay the shipping cost.

Q:Do you have a price drop depending on the quantity?
A:Yes, we have various preferential activities, please consult customer service.

Q:About Customs Duties?
A:Customs duties and other customs clearance costs are borne by the customer. If the customer refuses to bear the expenses incurred by the customs, such as customs duties, the loss caused by the customer shall be borne by the customer.

Q:Note for purchase in some countries and regions.
A:Some countries require tax ID or other customs clearance information, such as Chile, Peru and other South Africa and other countries, you need to provide in time when placing an order, otherwise the loss and delay in delivery will be borne by the customer.

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