Односторонняя ПВХ труба, внутренняя NFT гидропонная система, сельскохозяйственная садовая теплица

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Product Paramenters

Package Accessories
60 Pasta machine
Hydroponic Holder and Planting Pipe
110/220V Water Pump
Planting Basket
Planting Sponge
Installation Instructions

Products Description

Preparation before hydroponics
First prepare seeds, nutrient solution and a bucket of about 15L.Seeds can choose cabbage, lettuce, coriander, celery and other leafy vegetables.

Hydroponics steps:
1. Pour some seeds into the water for an hour.
2. Wrap the seeds in a wet towel, and put it in a dark and ventilated place.
3. Press the sponge into the water and let the air out, then sponge soaked for two hours.
4. After the seeds germinate, put the buds into the sponge(note:one bud in one sponge). Place the sponge in the basin and get the sun.
5. When the buds grow leaves, pour nutrient solution into the basin.The sponge needs to be kept moist.
6. When the seedling has three or four leaves, select the seedling of the root to penetrate the sponge,place it in the hole of
hydroponics equipment and get the sun.
7. You can ask us for a video of the hydroponic course.

Design Principle
The unique inner plug design is used in the piping system. The inner plug is a PE material of food-grade. The design makes the entire piping system S-flow. The drop in water increases the dissolved oxygen in the water.

The hydroponic equipment is installed without glue, but must be installed in accordance with the installation instructions.
You need to prepare around 10 liters tank, we advice you choose a non-transparent and covered tank. You also need to provide a power supply.
Place hydroponics equipment under the sunny place to lighted at least 4 hours a day, to avoid vegetables in insufficient light impact malnourished.

The water pump may become slower after 3-4 months of operation. In this case, the water pump needs to be disassemble to clean the rotor.

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