Складное Сиденье для душа для инвалидов и пожилых людей

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Item No.
350*328* 49mm
Stainless steel 304
Europe, Middle East
Product Name:
Shower Seat
Installations Way:
Wall mounted

Color Customization

Sunten toilet seats are made by High-quality Urea materials, safe and no odors, environmentally friendly and anti-bacterial. This material is stable and durable, never fade over time. The product's surface is smooth and delicate, just one wipe to clean, more effortless.

           Soft close
Sunten toilet seat cover is scratch-resistant, and its slow close function adopts a damping structure, so just need touch the cover lightly, the cover will fall down slowly and silently, no slamming
. After 100,000 times soft close function tests, the seat and cover is still intact. 
The ingenuity and quality can stand the
test of time.

       One button
One button quick release, application
for quick remove and installation of the toilet seat, without extra tool for
installation, plug and go, simple and fast. And just lightly press the button in the middle, you can easily remove the
toilet seat from the toilet bowl, which saves time and effort for you to clean
and replace.

    Easy installation
1. Insert hinges into the WC pan;

2.Tighten the screws of the
hinges. Do not over tighten;

3. Insert the seat cover onto the
WC pan;

4. Align the seat and cover with
WC pan;

5. Take off the seat cover;

6. Tighten the screws;

7. Cover the stainless steel cap on

8. Insert seat cover onto the WC pan

     Q1: What is the material of your toilet seat cover? 
     A: UF material

     Q2: How long is the quality guarantee of your seat cover?
     A: 3 years

     Q3: Is it hard to install?
     A: Not at all, it is easy. It is one button quick install.
     Q4: Is it smelly?
     A: No. It smells tasteless, no odors.
     Q5: Is it fixed after installation?
     A: Yes, it is fixed.
     Q6: Is it slow down/soft closing?
     A: Yes, it is soft closing

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