Холодильник для грузовика JAC 4x2 RHD, холодильная камера для грузовика, холодильная машина для перевозки мяса, фруктов, свежей рыбы, грузовик с холодным фургоном

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JAC 4x2 RHD Refrigerator Truck Freezer Refrigerated Truck Meat Fruit Fresh Fish Delivery Cold Van Truck

We are 12 years professional manufacturer of special trucks,supply different kinds of trucks,can be customized as customer requirements.

(1). Capacity: 0.5-30 ton refrigerator truck,31-50 ton refrigerator trailer.

(2). Steering wheel: both left and right hand drive,meet the needs of different countries.

(3). Emission standard: option Euro 1,Euro 2,Euro 3,Euro 4,Euro 5 refrigerator truck

(4). Truck chassis: option japan and china brand


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Product Overviews



Technical parameters


Complete Vehicle Parameter


          JAC refrigerated truck            

Overall dimension (mm)

5995 × 2280 × 3120

Refrigerator box size (mm)

4000 × 2060 × 2000

Gross vehicle weight (kg)

Appro × 7300

Net weight (kg)

Appro × 3170

Loading (kg)

Appro × 4000

Wheel base (mm)


Max speed (Km/h)


Chassis Parameter


Single row cabin, air conditioner, 2 passengers,left hand drive

Drive form



Brand : JAC

Model : HFC4DA1-2B1

Engine power : 109hp

Type : diesel, 4 cylinder, turbocharged, inter-cooled.

Displacement : 2771ml

Emission standard : Euro 3


5 forward,1 rear, manual operated

Tire model


No.of tire


Refrigerated Body Parameter


1. Refrigerator box inner and outer are fiber glass plastic (FRP).

2. Intermediate insulation material is polyurethane, thickness 80mm.

3. Door frame material are stainless steel.

4. With CHINA well-known brand refrigeration unit, refrigerator box lowest temperature -15℃.

5. Refrigerator box roof is sealed, rear open doors.





Packaging & Shipping

Refrigerator truck packing and shipping : covered with wax , shipping in Container 20"GP, 40"GP, 40"HQ ; in RO/RO operation; in Bulk carrier. According to your request.

Distinguish shipping way :


Roll on roll off (RORO) ship
It's the specialized ship to transport cars and trucks, which has power wheel, it's the best way of truck transportation.


Bulk carrier ship
It's the specialized ship to transport grain, coal, ore, salt, cement ,etc, dry and bulk goods, can also used to transport trucks,price is cheap, but the truck always be put on the deck, sea water will damage the truck painting.


Container ship
It's well-known shipping way, and also the highest cost among these three ways. Few sea port only container ship can arrive, so sometimes, we have to use container ship.


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